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I can’t help rolling my eyes at liberals who claim to be against slavery, or indigenous genocide, or mass killings of left-wing people. Bruh, that’s how the capitalist sausage is made, either own it or stop being pro-sausage (preferably the latter).

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So it seems BLM was founded by proud Marxists with the avowed intent of spreading Marxist ideology. In a 2015 interview, co-founder Patrice Cullors broke the code, stating “myself and Alicia [Garza, another co-founder] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.”
So commies are running amuck in the streets, assaulting, pillaging and burning? How is this possible in America, of all places? Have we really forgotten all the lives and treasure that America sacrificed in the "cold" war with Communism? When I moved here, I was under the impression that America was a vigorous, chest-thumping superpower. Where did all that anti-communist energy go?

Grant you, these Marxists are hiding behind the banner of anti-racism. But is it really so effective a disguise? Is shouting "racist!!" enough to make upstanding American patriots shrivel up and slink away? Even the black ones? That can't be right.

Being a history buff, I keeps seeing parallels with this situation. For example, in 1930's Germany, when communists were getting too big for their britches, the Nazi "brownshirts" fought them. You could say their boisterous street battles with the Commies put the Nazis on the electoral map. The bourgeoisie HATED communists, so anyone giving the Reds a taste of their own medicine was OK in their book.

So why are these Neo-Commies not getting the shit kicked out of them by Neo-Nazis? For the first time in many, many decades, there's an actual use for ignorant, knuckle-dragging, swastika-bedecked gangs of skinheads. The Neo-Commies are mostly a pack of spoiled-rotten soyboys just begging for a baseball bat across the nose. Easy meat.
So why is that not happening? Here at long last is the Neo-Nazi's chance. Why are they not taking it? Where are they, now that we.....might be willing to look the other way as they kerbstomp even dumber assholes than themselves?