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And so Roe is no more. There is no longer federal protection of infanticide in America. It is now, once more, a state issue. A step in the right direction as many states will ban this primitive and barbaric practice but it is only the first step. The fight must continue until there is a federal ban on abortion. This is not a political issue, this is a moral one. The news didn't hit me as hard as the leak did but it is nice to see America progress in the right direction, especially morally for once. It just occurred to me, that with Jurassic World Dominion having just recently been released, life did find a way.

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So it seems BLM was founded by proud Marxists with the avowed intent of spreading Marxist ideology. In a 2015 interview, co-founder Patrice Cullors broke the code, stating “myself and Alicia [Garza, another co-founder] in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists.”
So commies are running amuck in the streets, assaulting, pillaging and burning? How is this possible in America, of all places? Have we really forgotten all the lives and treasure that America sacrificed in the "cold" war with Communism? When I moved here, I was under the impression that America was a vigorous, chest-thumping superpower. Where did all that anti-communist energy go?

Grant you, these Marxists are hiding behind the banner of anti-racism. But is it really so effective a disguise? Is shouting "racist!!" enough to make upstanding American patriots shrivel up and slink away? Even the black ones? That can't be right.

Being a history buff, I keeps seeing parallels with this situation. For example, in 1930's Germany, when communists were getting too big for their britches, the Nazi "brownshirts" fought them. You could say their boisterous street battles with the Commies put the Nazis on the electoral map. The bourgeoisie HATED communists, so anyone giving the Reds a taste of their own medicine was OK in their book.

So why are these Neo-Commies not getting the shit kicked out of them by Neo-Nazis? For the first time in many, many decades, there's an actual use for ignorant, knuckle-dragging, swastika-bedecked gangs of skinheads. The Neo-Commies are mostly a pack of spoiled-rotten soyboys just begging for a baseball bat across the nose. Easy meat.
So why is that not happening? Here at long last is the Neo-Nazi's chance. Why are they not taking it? Where are they, now that we.....might be willing to look the other way as they kerbstomp even dumber assholes than themselves?

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I've spent an embarrassing amount of time in my head. My brain pretty much runs on daydreams. In there, I've been a cunning detective, a flying superhero, a ruthless resistance fighter, a self-taught architect, a daring astronaut, a terraformer, a guttersnipe who breaks thru to prosperity by scamming the rich 'till they bleed money, a goldbricking soldier, an escaped slave, a guerilla, and let's not forget the most frequent fantasy, a handsome cocksman with all the work he can handle from a bevy of randy beauties.

And that's just fine and dandy. Reality would be much harder to bear if we couldn't escape into the endless fields of fantasy from time to time. If you're a fat, middle-aged guy who dreams of being a slim tween girl, there's nothing to stop you - you can be whoever you want in the privacy of your own head.

But OUTSIDE your head? Ah, there's the rub. The real-life people around you are under NO obligation to work as actors in your lil' brain-theater, no matter how passionately you believe in the production. In fact, if you interrupt their business with babble about your fantasies, they have every right to point a finger in your face and laugh loudly.
Dream as big/far/weird as you please. Call yourself whatever you want. In this, at least, we still are a free country. But the minute you want me to play along with your fantasies, you'd better hand me a clearly written script and pay me full Actor's Guild rates.

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So why do I regard our wise, lordly rulers with disdain and distrust that borders on paranoia? Well....I'd have to say it's mostly because I read a lot of history. Actual history, not the bowlderized propaganda that passes for "official" history. If you, too, would like a peek behind the tatty theater curtains that we're told is reality, I can recommend you some books.

For starters, I just finished reading "The Shadows of Power - The Council on Foreign Relations And the American Decline" by James Perloff (Western Islands publishing, ISBN 978-0-88279-134-0).
Fascinating stuff. I had not realized the extent that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia had been financed by Wall Street. Forexample, Jacob Schiff, head of Kuhn, Loeb and Co, sank $22,000,000.00 1910-era dollars (that's a LOT more money in today's devalued dollars, but I'm too lazy to calculate it) into the Bolsheviks. Mao's takeover of China would also have been impossible without American help.
But why? Why would international bankers, arch-capitalists, bankroll brutal communist dictatorships?
The key word is "dictatorship", it turns out. The bankers want monopoly, the elimination of competition. So if a government has total control over the people, and they have their hands down the pants of that government, all is well in their view. They don't care if dictatorship arrived via the Left or the Right - Nazis and Commies serve their ends equally well - as long as the tinpot dictators do what they're told by the High Cabal.
There's much more, but I don't have all day to type this. See for yourself.

The facts described in the abovementioned book synch up pretty well with
"The Creature from Jekyll Island - A Second Look at the Federal Reserve" by G. Edward Griffin (American Opinion Publishing Inc, ISBN 0-912986-16-6) and
"JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy" by Fletcher Prouty (Skyhorse Publishing, ISBN 978-1-61608-291-8)

So....would you like your comforting illusions about how America and the world works to be rudely shattered, leaving you on a rickety rollercoaster of outrage, fear, anger and depression, just like Karno? Then dive into these fact-packed tomes!

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Hello, I'm a conservative Christian, born in raised in Atlanta Georgia, I've been a follower of Jesus all my life. I thank god for where I am today and the food he puts on my table!

The point of this group is to preserve the defintion of marriage as the bible and millions of other societies defined since the beginning of creation. We do not hate gays, but we do not tolerate attacks on our religious freedom. America may be secular, but it was founded on the Christian values of our founding fathers and in no way in their words did they intend a gay agenda to affect our children. The efforts of this movement is nothing then a thinly veiled attempt by our overtly liberal Obama administration to infringe on our states rights; when the Supreme court struck down Prop 8, this decision made them believe that they have the power to strike down any law they want. Next thing you know, they'll take away our second amendment. All of this is the Obama administration's attempt to socialize America and spit in the faces of the founding fathers

Also, as for marriage, if we don't define it as between a man and a women, as millions of cultures of different religions have defined it for thousands of years, then whats next? What's after a man and a man? A women and a dog? A 50 year old man with YOUR 5 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER?

I don't know man, but think about it....

please spread the word and ask other furries to join if you agree with me

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[On a journal lamenting several personal losses in addition to the election of the "least qualified president in history"]

If you were awake for the past 8 years, you'd find that it would be genuinely impossible to be worse than Obama.

What qualifications? Senator for a year who did nothing? Community organizer? College professor? Trump is infinitely more qualified. He isn't just rich, he's actually handled money and worked in business. Obama was never anything more than a party hack who only got into the Senate because his Republican opponent was destroyed in a sex scandal.

You want Obama's record of achievements? The government was tightly controlled by the Democrats in 2008. So why did the Republicans make such a roaring comeback since then?

Obamacare proved to bean expensive unmitigated disaster. Ask the people forced off their health care plans and given ones with huge deductibles and poor benefits that are worse than useless. Ask the people who decided it is better to pay the penalty than buy this horrid excuse of an insurance plan.

And Obama didn't ":rescue the economy", Bush did just before he left office. It's been stagnant for the past eight years. Of course it's just coincidence that Obama has been in office for that time.

And what about all the terrorist attacks happening over the past eight years? We had none since 9/11/01 under Bush's watch. And who bombed Libya and turned that into a quagmire? Who allowed Egypt to be placed under a brutal military regime? And under whose watch was ISIS created? Hint: it wasn't the Republicans. I can name a number of people outside the USA who are very happy that Trump won-or rather that Hillary didn't win.

Don't teach your grandmother to steal sheep.

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My biggest mistake in life was believing that people wanted for me the same things I wanted for them. 
Happiness, security, family.

Now I am 45 and I see people FIGHTING to destroy these things. Religious, social, political beliefs that in NO shape or form help the family system.

People helping people.

I am not talking about 1950 women being at home while men work at their jobs. That's nice if you can afford it. So I guess I am talking to working class and poorer people. 

If people are poor then they need to stick together and build a life. For hundreds if not thousands of years people have banded together for one sake...survival. Now in our world of conveniences people are rotting.

Feminists are preaching that women should be "Strong and Independent" which is fine. As long as you are not in a relationship. I don't need a independent woman. I need a dependable one who has a morality that is based on helping and building a life.

I am independent and it SUCKS! However being with someone who is a leech (and I am talking about family here) is far worse.

You cannot love the loveless and you cannot make plans with a idiot.

You must make as much strength as you can for one another and than pass that strength to others mainly your children. In case you are completely blind children are being screwed over. 


I came from a single mother family and the atmosphere was insane. I graduated from high school not ready for life but ready for 4 years of therapy and a prescription of paxil which I got in my thirties. I have friends I grew up with who are now street people.

In the spirit of equality I must question why women want to fuck a guy without a job outside of a relationship. I mean seriously, he had no job and you used no condoms and now you want child support?

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[Regarding Indiana's religious freedom bill passing]

I don't live there so I don't honestly care and even if I did live there it wouldn't effect me any ways so again I don't honestly care but what does peek my interest is the kick in the nuts (or cooch) this is to SJW.

I won't get into this one too much as this is definitely a TRIGGER WARNING topic, specially with furs considering the number of gay and other wise in the fandom, but let me leave you with this line of logic:

A gay couple is complaining that some cake place won't bake them a cake for their wedding and after making a big deal about it and calling in the SJW armies gets the place shut down and the owners fined. Your hurt feelings just cost a family their life's work. The bakery, who had been selling cakes to this and other couples of a non-wedding sort, choose not to do a wedding cake for them on religious grounds. And thats horrible and evil of them to follow their faith, their faith ends where some one else's feelings begin, right? So think about this, if the government can force bakers to make cakes for people against their religious beliefs, should they also force pro-life doctors to proform abortions against their beliefs? Should we force Muslim children in schools to eat pork if its on the lunch menu for the day? I'm sure your thinking these aren't even similar to the original topic but it is, its about forcing people to give up their faith and beliefs just because some one else feels they should.

I say let Indiana have its law. Don't punish the people and the businesses there by taking away sporting events they need to support themselves just because some politicians did some thing you don't like. The last group of people I knew who thought it was ok to hurt the public because they didn't likes the government flew a couple planes into a couple tall buildings; do you honestly want to be like them? If a business discriminates, it is only taking money away from itself by turning away customers.

And don't worry, I'm sure there's going to be a ton of SJW protesting in front of any place that happens to use this new law so you'll know who they are. Shaming people and businesses is what social media is all about now a days. Though the people I truly admire aren't the people fighting for equality, its the people who stand up for their rights and tell the SJW to go fuck themselves.

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Firstly, let me say that in the following video, the guy is asking for what he gets by being disrespectful towards the officers involved. Why is that an issue? Because they are officers of the law and that's about the same thing as mobsters or your average gang. They have guns, they have power, you do what they say or else.

Now to the point of this journal: Why are there so many bull shit laws on the books that allow cops to arrest you for no reason? Resisting arrest is the biggest BS rule as ANY thing you say or do can be construed as resisting. There was an elder protester some times ago (I forget his name) who, when confronted by law enforcement, would lay down on the ground with his hands behind his back and go limp so that they could not say he was resisting them. BUT, since this forced them to lift him up off of the ground, can you guess what they charged him with? That's right, resisting arrest. There's another one (I forget the name of the rule) where you can be arrested for failing to answer their questions. In some states you can be arrested if you don't ID yourself. And there's a ton of other little things they can claim you did or didn't do that allows them to arrest you. Half the time these things get thrown out 'if' they make it to court but it's still more BS to waste your time and give them power over you. Disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, and harrasment of a public servant are also BS they can use. A cop can shove you if your in his or her way but god forbid you push back or even touch them...

And the part where he say he'd be in the right to defend himself from the cop with force? Ya, in some states that IS legal. Like Indiana. If a cop comes to your house and forces his way in without a warrant (there's some other things to it as well), you have the RIGHT to shoot him. Of course you better have some witnesses on hand and hopefully video tape the encounter because your not just going to get away with defending yourself and your rights against one of 'them'. The rest of 'them' will be out for you afterwards, specially if you aren't charged for it. When I was taking my concealed carry training course, the instructor (who was a retired police officer) straight out told us that as responsible gun owners, should we see an officer abusing some one (rodney king for example) that we should step up and tell them they are being excessive in their use of force and even draw out weapons to defend said victim (and ourselves). I almost started laughing when he said that because in the US, if I pulled a fire arm and pointed it at a cop who's beating some one, odds are that cop is going to shoot me and be justified in doing so and if he doesn't, his buddies will when they get on scene. There's no possible explanation I'm going to give that will justify my actions at that time and even if I put my gun down when other officers arrive, I'm going to be 'subdued' not only by them BUT the officer I pulled the gun on and at that point, it'll be my word against theirs' regarding what happens, and cops cover for one another so I'm fucked.


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Anonymous has become a CIA flase flag puppet orginization created to insight fear and rebellion in youth and other citizens into violent rebellion against law inforcement. Anonymous can no longer be trusted and could never be trusted neither can the CIA.

Why the FBI? They know all your names any ways, and we have got to trust SOME ONE!