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RE:Transgender ideology: awful argument 17 Being trans isn't a choice..?

This is on par with "religious people don't choose to be religious". I'd actually agree, to an extent--once you're indoctrinated into a belief system it's awfully hard to break out of it, let alone feel as though you ever had any choice or say in the matter. Kids grow up believing in the same religions as their parents and generally the same as the culture and society they grow up in. Indoctrination is often incredibly insidious and happens long before anyone really makes an 'active' choice in the matter.


T-genderism is just another religion many vulnerable people have been groomed into. I would certainly argue that their susceptibility to those beliefs likely was never a choice, but a lack of critical thinking certainly enabled a continued descent into those beliefs. At which point is the individual at fault for not snapping out of it or for not developing critical thinking skills?

Also, much like you often see religious people probing and asking questions and trying to find a way out on their own terms, you see much the same in the T-gender demographic. Some find a way out, some never do, and for some the 'benefits' of adherence (affirmation, feeling 'special', having a sense of 'community', access to off-limits spaces, sexual gratification, etc.) outweigh any desire to break free.

It's what happens when people never learn to develop coping strategies in real life for real life and instead see a warped version of real life through a dogmatic lens.

Either way, it's not a natural, harmless, benign, or healthy state of being--it's an ideology that is fundamentally destructive of the self and toxic to others, and for those who truly want it there is a way out--thus it is a choice in so far as it is something that has been foisted onto them that they have been groomed into believing. Thus, it deserves no more respect than any other religion, and I will never participate in it.



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