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SCOOP: A left-wing NGO has laundered radical gender theory into more than 4,000 American schools, promoting an agenda of "anti-capitalism," the "abolition of the police," and encouraging children to adopt sexual identities such as "non-binary," "pansexual," and "genderqueer."

In a political manifesto, the GSA Network endorses calls for the “abolition of the police,” the “abolition of borders,” the payment of “reparations” to minorities, the “decolonization” of native lands, and the overthrow of the “cisgender heterosexual patriarchy.”

The GSA Network trains adults to use cult-like programming techniques to recruit children into “gender and sexuality” activism. First, the children must rank themselves as members of “groups w/ systemic power (privilege)” or “groups w/ less or no systemic power (oppressed).”

Next, the oppressor children must “[do] the self and collective work to analyze how we contribute to the oppression of Trans, Queer, Non-binary / Gender Non-Conforming, Black, Indigenous, youth of color” and “commit to dismantling these systems for collective liberation.”

The adults tell the children they must “implement the use of pronouns,” “offer a land acknowledgment,” “listen to the Trans community,” “center conversations around Black liberation,” and “use your privilege (and your physical and monetary resources) to support [the oppressed].”

The GSA Network trains adult and child leaders to keep the program a secret from parents. “Know what you do and don’t have to tell parents/ guardians/families,” the organization advises in its official handbook.

These clubs often use the language of “LGBTQ inclusion,” but the central organization is driven by pure left-wing radicalism. As @SwipeWright/@buttonslives have documented, many clubs are intentionally concealing the truth from parents.

School districts that encourage adult employees to secretly discuss sexuality with children are creating a dangerous system. Clinical psychologists are already warning that some of these practices resemble “the steps predators take” to abuse kids.



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