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Gay sex is illegal in Kenya and President-elect @WilliamsRuto previously said “we have no room for gays.” Ruto tells me “we respect everybody,” but adds “this is not a big issue for the people of Kenya” and President Kenyatta was “spot on” to say homosexuality “is not agreeable.”

The average Western journalist has no idea how conservative the average African is. And it leads to foolishness like this.

Man wants to talk about jobs, infrastructure and poverty... and she wants to talk about butt sex.

Every time they interview African leaders, they ask them these questions. In order to try to demonise them to Western audiences.

It's an attempt at ideological colonisation and subversion.

They don't ask Middle Eastern leaders such questions.

(Wilfred Reilly)
Actually "respecting other advanced cultures" - Chinese, Arab, Nigerian, Brahmin- would be a death-knell for Western leftism.

The in-practice "multi-cultural" response to this problem is to focus curricula, etc totally on modern Western issues but use multi-colored presenters.

(Obianuju Ekeocha)
LEAVE US ALONE!!!! You keep setting traps for African leaders to try to villainize them.

The look on his face speaks volumes here. Trying real hard to not roll his eyes. We need to be making this face more in the US.


Africa has real problems not imagined ones.

and the west is creating real social problems for itself daily

(Very Swell Nice Guy)

Everyone outside of the west does not want western social values, they want economic prosperity but not broken family units

Hell, half the West doesn't want Western social values, they want economic prosperity and intact families too!

(Daddy yo)

What is it with America and imposition of thier culture on people
Cant you just accept everyone has a way of life and its not all like yours

It's not even the culture in America. The LGBTQ community just have a very strong lobby...

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(Oilfield Rando)

Normal water pressure has been restored to most of Jackson, Mississippi, officials say

Uh…..so are we gonna talk about how this appears to have been a billion dollar shakedown?


(Joey S)
I'm far too busy celebrating the end of environmental racism to discuss how the environmental racism probably never existed.

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Is having porn st*rs saved on your phone the 6th pillar of Islam?

Reza Ebrahimi, explains how Persian nationalism is just seething over the fact that they were conquered by Arabs

Many Persian nationalists believe they had spaceships before the Arabs conquered them


No one cares about the Arab conquests at all.

You see a Persian by the name of Abu Tahir Jannabi invaded Mecca, taunted Allah in his holy land, beat pilgrims and taunted them with Quran verses, dumped their bodies in the Zam Zam well, then stole the Kaba and used it as a 🚽.

That's all they care about

You have these power fantasies about how you're gonna "get back" at the Muslims

But Islam has won, cause Muslims have higher birth rates & atheism does not. Look at Turkey, in 100 years kemalism has been undone, same for Iran

It gets even better not only did Abu Tahir completely humiliate Muslim pilgrims. He even found a “Mahdi” in Iran called Al-Esfahani. Turns out he was a Zoroastrian nationalist that burnt Qurans and revitalized praying by holy fires.

Where is Zoroastrianism now? I mean he revitalized it right?

This is the coping and seething that Reza Zia-Ebrahimi talks about, it's a form of escapism

The simple fact is that Islam is evolutionarily the best at surviving, Eric Kaufmann explains here:


This tweet is unavailable

>coping this hard

You have these internet power fantasies, yet where is the evidence of that happening in the real world?

I can say Islam will be one of the most dominant forces in the future, and cite evidence for the world moving in that direction




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Let me introduce you to Dr. Scott Mosser, who cuts the breasts off of adolescent girls. Many surgeons across the country will and do inflict “top surgery” on minors. Mosser assures us that he follows very “strict” guidelines before performing double mastectomies on children.



Mosser also offers “non-binary” services for patients who want to be neither male nor female.


Mosser assures his patients that regret after surgery is “exceptionally rare.” He cannot possibly know this because we‘ve never done these sorts of things to this many children before. How many 40 year olds are walking around today who had cosmetic mastectomies at 16? Almost none


When the media tries to “debunk” the claim that doctors are mutilating kids, they simply ignore top surgery altogether. They ignore it because it is undeniable that this is happening to children. It’s also totally indefensible. They know that too.

Everything I’ve posted here is factually accurate and publicly available on Mosser’s website. I didn’t use any information that he did not publish himself. That won’t stop the left from calling this “misinformation,” of course, but I want to state it for the record anyway.

Of course the game is completely rigged. The Left claims that these sorts of things aren't being done to children but if you cite a specific example to disprove that claim, they'll accuse you of terrorism and incitement.

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“A good portion of children do know as early as from the womb” that they are transgender.

At Boston Children’s Hospital “we see a variety of young children all the way down to ages 2 and 3.”

This is literally a sick cult that mutilates children. That's not hyperbole, it's absolutely true. The best time for outrage was over a decade ago. The next best time for outrage is RIGHT NOW.

This has gotten so out of hand. If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Yeah, yeah, sex isn't a spectrum blah blah blah. A person's sex is defined by gametes and reproductive anatomy blah blah blah.

While these details are important to understand, don't let these finer intellectual points distract you from what's happening on the ground:

Gender nonconforming children are being indoctrinated into a cult that is mutilating and sterilizing their healthy bodies with hormones and surgeries based on the pseudoscientific belief that it's possible for a person's body to not "match" their mind.

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The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of DC Dems, billionaire-funded "disinformation experts," the US Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.

A series of "crises" have been cynically and aggressively exploited to inexorably restrict the range of permitted views, and expand pretexts for online silencing and deplatforming. Trump's election, Russiagate, 1/6, COVID and war in Ukraine all fostered new methods of repression.

During the failed attempt in January to force Spotify to remove Joe Rogan, the country's most popular podcaster – remember that? – I wrote that the current religion of Western liberals in politics and media is censorship: their prime weapon of activism.

But that Rogan failure only strengthened their repressive campaigns. Dems routinely abuse their majoritarian power in DC to explicitly coerce Big Tech silencing of their opponents and dissent. This is *Govt censorship* disguised as corporate autonomy.

There's now an entire new industry, aligned with Dems, to pressure Big Tech to censor. Think tanks and self-proclaimed "disinformation experts" funded by Omidyar, Soros and the US/UK Security State use benign-sounding names to glorify ideological censorship as neutral expertise.

The worst, most vile arm of this regime are the censorship-mad liberal employees of big media corporations. Masquerading as "journalists," they align with the scummiest Dem groups to silence and deplatform.

It is astonishing to watch Dems and their allies in media corporations posture as opponents of "fascism".

It is hard to overstate how much pressure is now brought to bear by liberal censors on these free speech platforms, especially Rumble. Their vendors are threatened. Their hosting companies targeted. They have accounts cancelled and firms refusing to deal with them. It's a regime.

It's not melodrama or hyperbole to say: what we have is a war in the West, a war over whether the internet will be free, over whether dissent will be allowed, over whether we will live in the closed propaganda system our elites claim The Bad Countries™ impose. It's no different.

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Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Roe was overturned — massive, historic blow to the pro-abortion movement — and the outrage fizzled out in a few days. No mass protests. No riots. The “summer of rage” never materialized.

Even with the help of every powerful institution in America, still the Left has a very hard time mobilizing people around its causes. This is a weakness that we on the Right should be doing more to exploit.

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SCOOP: The Springfield, Missouri public school district held a training program forcing teachers to identify their racial and sexual “privilege,” promoting identities such as “pansexual” and “polyamorous,” and warning that “misgendering a trans person is an act of violence.”

The training program began with a “land acknowledgement,” led by “chief equity and diversity officer, Yvania Garcia-Pusateri, asking teachers to “acknowledge the dark history and violence” of European settlers and to commit to “social justice work.”

Next, the district asked teachers to identify their racial and sexual “privilege” and consider how they contribute to “cycles of oppression.” This system leads oppressors—i.e., white male heterosexuals—to feel “anger, dehumanization, guilt, collusion, ignorance, self-hatred.”

The program followed the basic principles of radical gender theory: society has created a “heteronormative” system that is inherently oppressive. The goal is to subvert this system and affirm identities such as “trans,” “nonbinary,” “polyamorous,” and “pansexual.”

Administrators shared a video featuring “genderqueer” and “nonbinary” children, which claimed that some children “don’t have a gender” and that “misgendering a trans person is an act of violence.”

“My identity, although you can’t see it, still needs to be validated.”

At Parkview High School, one of the district’s “equity champions” held another training telling teachers that they must “acknowledge [their] privileges” and “lean into [their] discomfort” as part of their “LGBTQ+ 101” education.

The trainer instructed teachers to “try not to use gender-specific terms in class,” to use “they/them” pronouns for nonbinary children, and to “add your pronouns to [their] email signature.”
“For some folks, pronouns are non-negotiable.”

Fortunately @kimmiehermann at Southeastern Legal Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the district and Attorney General @Eric_Schmitt has put the district under state investigation. Voters and public officials should immediately shut this program down.

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📨 Official correspondence to the associates of President Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechen Republic

My name is Jackson Hinkle and I am an American political commentator living in Los Angeles, California. My YouTube channel, The Dive with Jackson Hinkle, focuses on international news & the Special Military Operation in Donbass, has 123,000+ subscribers & garners over 10+ million views per month. I am reaching out because I would like to conduct an honest & fair interview with Ramzan Kadyrov, President of the Chechen Republic, about his views on the battle against fascist Banderites in Donbass, the senseless Western economic war against the Russian Federation, and the rise of Russia in the new multipolar world order.

For years, the mainstream media in the West has made millions of dollars off of selling lies about President Ramzan Kadyrov & the Chechen Republic. They are now propagandizing the American public yet again through lies that attempt to hide the Donbass genocide carried out by Ukrainian Nazis since 2014, erase the NATO provocation that sparked this battle in Donbass, and blame the Russian military for inexcusable Ukrainian war crimes carried out in regions such as Bucha, Slavyansk, Mariupol, Donetsk, and Kramatorsk. As President Ramzan Kadyrov himself has said, “The most striking and distinctive feature of our troops is concern for civilians.”
The West needs to hear the truth.

President Ramzan Kadyrov and his brothers fighting in Donbass have shown unparalleled courage and dedication in the fight against fascism and their story needs to be shared with a Western audience — I hope to make this happen. Since the start of the Special Military Operation in Donbass, I have diligently reported on the brave soldiers of the Russian Federation who have fulfilled the tasks assigned by President Vladimir Putin in liberating city after city, freeing innocent civilians from the likes of Aidar, Azov, and other Banderites. My audience would greatly appreciate the insight that President Kadyrov could give into the ongoing situation in Donbass.


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SCOOP: A left-wing NGO has laundered radical gender theory into more than 4,000 American schools, promoting an agenda of "anti-capitalism," the "abolition of the police," and encouraging children to adopt sexual identities such as "non-binary," "pansexual," and "genderqueer."

In a political manifesto, the GSA Network endorses calls for the “abolition of the police,” the “abolition of borders,” the payment of “reparations” to minorities, the “decolonization” of native lands, and the overthrow of the “cisgender heterosexual patriarchy.”

The GSA Network trains adults to use cult-like programming techniques to recruit children into “gender and sexuality” activism. First, the children must rank themselves as members of “groups w/ systemic power (privilege)” or “groups w/ less or no systemic power (oppressed).”

Next, the oppressor children must “[do] the self and collective work to analyze how we contribute to the oppression of Trans, Queer, Non-binary / Gender Non-Conforming, Black, Indigenous, youth of color” and “commit to dismantling these systems for collective liberation.”

The adults tell the children they must “implement the use of pronouns,” “offer a land acknowledgment,” “listen to the Trans community,” “center conversations around Black liberation,” and “use your privilege (and your physical and monetary resources) to support [the oppressed].”

The GSA Network trains adult and child leaders to keep the program a secret from parents. “Know what you do and don’t have to tell parents/ guardians/families,” the organization advises in its official handbook.

These clubs often use the language of “LGBTQ inclusion,” but the central organization is driven by pure left-wing radicalism. As @SwipeWright/@buttonslives have documented, many clubs are intentionally concealing the truth from parents.

School districts that encourage adult employees to secretly discuss sexuality with children are creating a dangerous system. Clinical psychologists are already warning that some of these practices resemble “the steps predators take” to abuse kids.

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Trans activists have doxxed me, threatened to kill me, defamed me, and tried to silence me. Because of this reaction I've taken time to reflect and reconsider and I've now decided to triple down and be even more radical in my opposition to their agenda. Thanks for the motivation!

"We will try to dissuade you from opposing us by justifying and confirming all of the absolute worst things you already thought about us"

This tactic has never worked on me, folks. Not sure who it would work on, but not me.

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Amazed from my exchanges on Twitter today to find that so many Kenyans are imperialists, cheering on Russia as it tries to rebuild its empire and denouncing states trying to assert their independence. The irony is quite extraordinary, really.

Most people from the "third world" would love to see a new axis of power they've been accustomed to the US and it's allies dictating everything while using their power to kill innocent people in the name of regime change war on terror

(Francis Mbugua)

Ah, I see -- so Ukraine and its people can be sacrificed to that end? Just curious as to whether Russia's treatment of Ukraine makes you feel encouraged about how the "third world" would fare under a China-Russia axis?

Spare is the crap which country in world has committed as many atrocities as USA. Fighting terrorism with terrorism. Where did Bush get the oil fields when before the war he dint have. Is Libya safer now and the Sahel region. Spare us the hogwash. We are more enlightened

(King Judas)

Answer his question, don't insult. Killing Ukrainians won't bring back the wealth stolen from us by UK. Russia must be condemned for its action, so the US and other countries.

Ukrainians are Russians by descent ... So when a mother is disciplining an errant child should the neighbour's complain for the child screems... No leave Russian to deal with Russian problems..

It might be schadenfreude derived from see the lords of unipolar world, to whom we have been subject to, being pushed around and lacking options (a condition we are familiar with).

(Angel Eyes)

I don't recall Ukraine being a lord of the unipolar world or doing much, really, to deserve the hell being unleashed on it...

Putin gave his demands that were actually somewhat reasonable, nobody took him seriously or even organised a session to debate with him and find a middle ground with reasonable concessions

If diplomacy fails well battle reigns

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(NOTE: Multiple tweets in reaction to today's events.)

This is one of the greatest days in American history. Praise God.

The Supreme Court has officially declared that all lives matter. Hallelujah.

History will look back on today like we look back on the abolition of slavery and the liberation of the concentration camps. It is a day when abject evil has suffered a major defeat, and many innocent humans will live and be free because of it.

I could not think of a better way to end Pride Month

Bring on your "night of rage" you demons. You don't scare anyone.

It's a good thing the Supreme Court affirmed our right to conceal carry right before this "night of rage" you guys are planning

This is an extreme version of the minority governing the majority that has been the GOP playbook for some time now. And these unelected right-wing judges could be on the court in like 2060 thanks to lifetime appts

As always, institutions are "broken" the moment they stop doing the Left's bidding

Don't be shy about delighting in the leftist tears today. You deserve to feel this joy and they deserve to feel this despair. So rub it in their face, by all means. Have fun with it. This is a great day.

One side is happy that babies will live. The other is sad that babies will live. And that is all you need to know about the ideological divide in America.

We are not done. We are not satisfied. A federal ban on abortion nationwide is the next step.

Man, this has been such a great Pride Month

Merrick Garland: “The Supreme Court has eliminated an established right that has been an essential component of women’s liberty.. The Justice Department strongly disagrees with the Court’s decision… DOJ will use every tool at our disposal to protect reproductive freedom.”

Biden's DOJ has announced its intention to seize unconstitutional power and override the Supreme Court. This is an insurrection far more dangerous than anything that happened on January 6.

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prayer circle

🕯 🕯
🕯 🕯
all white
🕯 expats will 🕯
leave asia
🕯 🕯
🕯 🕯

yt ppl come to asia to rape our women, kill our men, and steal our resources. then, when we’re forced to immigrate to the west because of imperialism, we get hate crimed. you don’t get to tell Asians how we should feel about yt expats coming in to *our* country

white folks don't even treat Asians like we’re people in the west, but expect to be treated like royalty when they come to Asia

stop bringing your western chauvinism to Asia!

if you get mad at this tweet, remember you’re the reason why we don’t want you in our countries

white people are calling me an “ethno nationalist” because i don’t want sexpats in my country lmao

liberals find out that i’m a korean nationalist and immediately freak out. how many times do we have to tell you that reactionary and revolutionary nationalism are fundamentally different


DPRK citizens can freely criticize their party and government without fear of getting arrested or murdered. can americans really say the same?

Is this fucking satire?

you’re a white person that benefits off of spewing racist and imperialist lies about my country whilst claiming to be a “socialist” and “anti-authoritarian.” your entire career is a satire

how dare you profit off of humiliating and dehumanizing my people. the US murdered 20% of my population and the DPRK continues to be under brutal sanctions and you have the audacity to sit there in the imperial core and make content off of that? fuck you

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I'm seeing a lot of people on the right share this meme. While it may be a strong satirical response to those who get lost in nuance, it fundamentally fails to recognize why the left wants to talk to your kids about sexuality. Let's connect some dots.


In order to sever the bond between parents and their children, the left is using a two-pronged approach. Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology (properly known as Queer Theory) are not two unrelated sets of ideas. They are two parts of the same strategy.

CRT is usually the first set of ideas to be introduced. This is often enough to radicalize racial minorities, but it's merely step one for white (or white adjacent) students.

CRT instills in these students a negative self-identity as they're taught to believe they're recipients of enormous privilege that was stolen from others and that they are complicit in historic and ongoing injustice. In child terms, they're taught to believe they're bad.

Apart from the shame and guilt, this also gives them a worldview at odds with the one their parents grew up with and are trying to pass on to their kids. Step one is complete.

Once CRT is done tearing down these kids and leaving them with a negative self-identity, Queer Theory (QT) is introduced and offers them a wide assortment of positive self-identities to choose from.

Instead of living with the shame and guilt of being a member of the oppressive dominant culture, these students can be celebrated for coming out as gender nonbinary or pansexual.

In an instant, these kids can trade their negative self-identity and all the accompanying guilt and shame of being an "oppressor" for a positive self-identity as a much-venerated "oppressed" minority.

They think your appeals to childhood innocence are an attempt to force heteronormativity on them. Seriously. They write papers on it. It's not a secret agenda.