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[From “Hungry, Hungry Haitians”]


spoilerLeft: Biden wearing an apron and a grass skirt. Center: US taxpayers being boiled in a pot. Right: "BBQ" saying that he's hungry. On the ground: human bones

Haiti is the first country in the western hemisphere that eliminate slavery. Slaves who worked the sugarcane plantations vastly outnumbered their French overlords during Haiti’s revolution, which lasted from 1791 to 1804. All white people were killed—men, women, and children. Haiti has been suffering upheaval and tribal wars in some manner ever since. The Haitian army tried to invade the Dominican Republic and lost. They then resorted to fighting each other

Haiti’s leaders were tyrants waiting to be overthrown. Their latest ‘government’ fell last week. The country is now being run by gangs, and gang warfare will probably go on for a long time. Meanwhile, the Haitians will rapidly find clean drinking water and food in short supply. There have been reports of voodoo and cannibalism

Naturally, there are cries to rescue Haiti with money, troops, and aid. This has never worked. Hillary Clinton knew it wouldn’t work—maybe that’s why she and Bill kept the donations meant for Haitians[…]Trump bluntly called Haiti a ‘shit hole’ and he was right. Certainly not all Haitians want endless strife, but a great many do—just ask “Barbecue,” one of the gang leaders. He enjoys it

Biden has already imported millions of ‘undocumented’ foreigners speaking foreign languages and with foreign cultures into America, without time for them to assimilate by means of the ‘melting pot.’ Instead, America is getting balkanized. Crime is rampant. Joe, like Barbecue, seems to enjoy it[…]Pedo Joe wants foreign children here, too—to be put into sex trafficking



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