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(A poll finds that the majority of Americans (53%) oppose bans on gender affirming care for Trans kids.)

A poll of 1000 adults does not represent the nation. Even if this were accurate, the majority of the population does not know what “gender affirming care” truly entails. The term is intentionally candy-coated and friendly sounding to hide the horrors of what it actually consists of.

They don’t know that it means sterilizing children. They don’t know that the most popular puberty blocker, Lupron, has been previously and is currently still used to chemically castrate sex offenders. They don’t know the side effects of these drugs on adolescents, which include decreased bone density, vision loss and brain swelling. They don’t know that it includes chopping the breasts off of healthy young girls.

But that is changing. The public is becoming increasingly more aware and that is why you see action being taken against it.

There is no logical reason for medical intervention to not be delayed until they are fully developed adults that are able to consent to permanently changing their bodies. Anyone who believes otherwise is diabolical.



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