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As the New Year is rung in around the globe, we are sharing some predictions for 2024. Let’s hope we don’t crack the crystal ball.


1. Biden won’t cross the finish line in the 2024 election. He’s a dead weight. He’s dragging the Democrats down and Obama is not pleased. Look for a new, fresh face to pop up unexpectedly in the Democrat primary and it won’t be Moochelle or Gavin Nuisance.

2. Will House Republican Speaker Johnson impeach Biden? I doubt it. We may get a sternly worded tweet or a finger wag instead. Remember Johnson was supposed to release the Jan 6th footage—all of it. That didn’t happen.

3. The Deep State lapdogs—Fake News—will become increasingly shrill. Watch them take gaslighting to levels never seen before as their hopes for Biden and Marxism begins crumbling around them.

4. Taylor Swift and her Vaccine Poster Boy will break up. Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs will breathe a sigh of relief.

5. Elon Musk will land on Mars and rename it Planet X.

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