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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

As an African, I may have the objective distance needed to diagnose the sickness plaguing the West: pathological egalitarianism. This social malaise is more prevalent in women, whose tender, nurturing concern for diverse peoples often leads to their own gruesome deaths, as Paul Joseph Watson points out in a video that is surprisingly still on YouTube. Female ways of thinking now dominate the West.

There is nothing wrong with campaigning for minority rights/privileges. But when this threatens the majority it becomes self-destruction. Are not white dispossession and the demand for nursery pens — so-called safe spaces — Lady-Liberty-sized signs that something has gone wrong with you as a people? When you look nervously over your shoulder at night in a “bad neighborhood,” are you afraid of Icelandic lady cellists? What makes a neighborhood or school “bad”?

Islam is certainly not a race, but was conceived (received?), spearheaded, and defended by members of specific tribes. By the same token, Magna Carta and its legal/political progeny were conceived, championed, and promulgated by a certain tribe: Britons. The same can be said for the Talmud and the Bhagavad Gita. You could compel every Japanese man and woman to read the Koran from preschool to death, and they would still be polite, law-abiding folk, who make long-lasting cars, hentai, and badly-written but engaging video games. Why don’t the cities of Japan — or Iceland — burn with the cleansing fires of egalitarianism? Why aren’t there Icelandic or Japanese cop killings?



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