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It's Time to Start Asking: Is Satan in Charge of the Democrat Party?

In the past week the Biden administration gave another 10 billion dollars to the world's worst terror state, Iran. What sane person would do that? And why?

Former President Barack Obama gave a hundred billion to Iran a few years back. President Joe Biden (and his boss Obama) have given Iran $80 billion more since Biden was elected — including $6 billion only a couple weeks before the Hamas terror attack on Israel.

Biden (and his boss Obama) either directly paid for the Hamas attack on Israel, or emboldened Iran by foolishly giving them billions with no preconditions.

But as bad as that was, at least Biden (and his boss Obama) released all those billions of dollars BEFORE the Hamas attack on Israel.

How can anyone explain the fact that Biden (and his boss Obama) just released another $10 billion to Iran AFTER the worst mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust? No one in the world can be that dumb. Not even a brain-dead president wearing diapers. So, this is more about evil than dumb.



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