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I'm glad that Trump and Kanye are talking, but here's the deal with Donald (a very good smart man in my experience): Kanye called the vaccine the Mark of the Beast and Kanye named the Nose. Kanye is somebody who needs to be supported, not reined in. Kanye is helping us when almost no one else is. That is power...for Kanye

@PatrickReports Zion Don shilled the vaccine. The Jews have owned since his bankruptcy’s in the 90s when they bailed him out in the billions of dollars

Trumps cabinet was filled with them. Including a Rothschild banking agent, Wilbur Ross

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@BillyBravo. Bingo. And that is how long this vax / depopulation plan has been in the works. @PatrickReports

@PatrickReports It was the Mark of the Beast. Did you notice how access to work and other essential parts of your lives suddenly became conditional?

@PatrickReports Trump will never name the Jew, all his kids are married in

@PatrickReports I wonder how long Trump has been setting up to be the Messiah of Jews? The stage is set. He has been saying for a few years now that he could be the prime minister of Israel since 2019 at least.. and just 2 days ago he said it again.. he could fulfill the prophecy by bringing world peace when we are on the precipice of nuclear Armageddon Annihilation Holocaust

@PatrickReports He's a puppet that the jews knew people will salavate over. Even pro whites feel the need to have a super nigger.


Trump will NOT name the nose - ever! He has already made a couple of statements in that regard: one "we do not love Israel enough. We have to love it more." Two "all of my grandchildren are jewish."



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