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Could it be any clearer given the
perfect timing of the rapidly exploding Haiti rebellion this March of 2024?!
However, it’s not just the “rebellion” that’s driving this HUGE black op staging yet another mass invasion of Southern Florida with fleeing Haitians; it’s the out-of-control “gang violence”.

What’s critical to understand about this color revolution psyop perpetrated against the people of Haiti is that the very SCARY “gang violence” is being meticulously engineered by the C.I.A. so that it APPEARS to be totally out of control, when, in fact, it’s completely under the control of The Company, as it’s known throughout global intelligence circles.


How many times has the whole world witnessed the many civil wars, color revolutions and internal conflicts, all marked by extreme violence against the citizenry so that the indigenous peoples will swiftly flee their ancestral lands for protection in a foreign country.

Let’s face it: it takes a lot of motivation to get folks to just up and out as fast as they can, leaving everything behind—EVERYTHING! Whenever this is the case, you know these black ops/psyops have the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD written all over it.
Which means that this upcoming Haitian
invasion is just the beginning of several more to follow. Of course, the best parallel we have are all the perfectly designed internal conflicts by the C.I.A. throughout the Middle East and North Africa since 9/11, each of which drove millions of unwanted war refugees and economic migrants into Europe.

Hundreds of Soros-funded NGOs have been created to greatly facilitate those incursions into traditionally white Christian nations around the world. The Five Eyes, in particular, have been purposefully targeted with these very stealthy conspiratorial plots as a prelude to the outright takeovers of each nation—the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



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