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Events in Australia and elsewhere else are going so well. Compliant Australians just can't get enough and there's so much more in store for them. With businesses closed, suicide rates rising (especially of the young, but not reported in the media), food shortages looming, electronic surveillance, increased domestic violence, falling birth rates, and deaths from not seeking medical help, Aussies really have it all. Indeed, there's a whole Lockdown generation economically crippled for life. Then there's the increasing debt.
Already the Communist Party of China refers to Australians as "the white trash of Asian", although why they restrict it to Asia is beyond me. At least they know the caliber of those they'll be ruling. Let me tell you and your readers something: the descendants of the Chinese who are yet to be born hate the guts of the white trash who are yet to be born. But Australians are really into multiculturalism and you can't get more multicultural than gifting the wealthiest (or second wealthiest) country in the world to a people with a completely different culture and language, half a world away.

The Chinese intend to turn Australia into how modern Australia began; as a big, open-air prison using facial recognition system cameras and a social credit system. Already, Australian governments are getting ready for the handover by installing Chinese manufactured facial recognition system cameras, electronic public transport cards, drones enforcing the Lockdown, mobile phone tracking, and increased police violence. Aussie white trash just can't get enough! It's the same worldwide.



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