Alexei Arora #racist #wingnut


China's Communist Party Formally Embraces Assimilationist Approach to Ethnic Minorities

Quiet changes to education policy, personnel in minority regions follow Xi's call for forging of a 'collective consciousness'

Communist China is ditching minority appeasement to create a unified national culture. Some provinces aim to abolish Reservation/Affirmative Action by 2026

Meanwhile here in Viśvaguru, we’re obsessed w caste-bank politics & welfare schemes that hurt poor general castes

Indian Communists would decry this exact same move as “fashizm” if it were done in India, btw. That’s why I do not take these jokers seriously.

Bruh you shill for China lol

No. I want to enact policies similar to China in India. I have no interest in wanting us to become Chinese puppets. I support balancing in both SCO/BRICS and the Quad. How is that shilling?



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