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Q. Are these babies born through surrogate mothers, with the harvested eggs and sperms of these celebrities?
If so, these mothers must be given a lot of money to keep quiet?

Many of the babies are bred by surrogates using harvested eggs and sperm (embryos) of celebrities. Others are bred by the movie stars themselves during filming, post-production, "dating" relationships, "marriages," or prior to filming movies or prior to dating or marrying one another.

In terms of hush money, things are much more complicated than that.

People are either born into the Satanic cult or they are not. People who are born into the Satanic cult live by an entirely different set of rules, norms, and customs than the rest of us. I think of our differences in terms of a game of chess. The Satanic cult consists of the "dark side" of humanity and the rest of us comprise the "light side" of humanity. The task and challenge of those born into the "light side" is to wake up to Reality and thwart the plans of the "dark side" to bring a Totalitarian New World Order into fruition.

To be born into the "dark side" means that secrecy, deception, sexual depravity, and Satanic rituals are just a normal part of their way of life. It's hard for us to imagine that such a large number of cult members could be so effectively controlled that more would have divulged 100% of the secrets of the cult by now.

Yet, most if not all people born into the Satanic cult have been subjected to mind control. Certain Satanic rituals are said to be so terrifying and horrific that participants and witnesses must be triggered into alter personalities that were created in their minds as children prior to the ritual so their core personalities don't go crazy.

They are filmed during these rituals. After, they are triggered back into their core personality which creates an amnesic barrier in their minds which causes them to forget that they ever witnessed or participated in these events.



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