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Racism is not a thing. It's a made up word by communists.

The closest proper term is "race awareness." Who is most race aware? Those who have dealt with other races the most. It is inevitable unless you are in a coddled university with high IQ people of any race. Then your experience is strongly biased towards the better.

Once you enter the real world, far apart from the safe spaces of the university, the real racial difference will slap you in the face. The difference is solely: If you have been sufficiently brainwashed, your first thought will be "these niggers are stupid because muh' white oppression!!" We on the other hand know about race & IQ, and other facts of life, so we don't make up dumb excuses.

And if you never have been to higher education, you won't get the hardcore programming either. So the working class plebs appear "dumb" because they do not regurgitate the programming that for some stupid NPC reason determines you "smart."

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"Love" and "hate" are propagandistic buzzwords. They operate on the spectrum of degeneracy.

Love = degeneracy

Hate = anti-degeneracy

Love = communism, welfare, 3rd world immigration, Marxism

Hate = anti-communism, anti-welfare, anti-3rd world immigration, anti-Marxism

It's just a code word to both, render the language to something childishly simple and make degeneracy look positively while making the opposition to it look negatively.