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For those who have still not understood that Russia Today RT is a Putin and (((zio-occupied Russia))) shilling anti-white thus pro-jewish platform, here is the undeniable proof:

In case this page will be buried out of embarrassement, here the archived online version https://archive.vn/o5YbI

A Jewish author who infiltrated White Date as a fake user desperately tries to vilify our harmless traditional white dating site by finding strictly … nothing nasty.

It was probably himself who created this natzeee esthetic venerating group to pretend that our respectable members are all ‘Nazis’. But what does ‘Nazi’ mean nowadays ? Seems to have become a synonym for ‘White’. Who knows, with the boomerang effect, this dirty word without clear meaning might one day even turn into a compliment.

Reading thought the article one cannot miss noticing that there are inserted images linking to other RT articles about murderers (white or (((fellow white))), I cannot tell) that have absolutely NOTHING to do with neither white dating, nor white people building families and traditional communities, nor white people networking to talk freely about with their cultural and racial roots. Russia Today /Charlie Stone just tries to associate white interests with ‘evil’ to create a subconscious negative connotation in the reader’s mind.

Luckily, the comment section adds some sanity to this page of unqualified and dishonest journalism. People are easily capable of seeing throught his anti-white propaganda piece. Enjoy 🙂

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Is it forbidden for observant Jewish students in the Diaspora to study on Saturdays?

I assume your question refers to secular studies since it is clearly desirable for Jews wherever they live to study Torah on Shabbat and on weekdays. It is permitted on Shabbat to read secular school books but ,if possible, this should be minimized (Shulchan Aruch Orach Chayyim 307 17; Mishna Berura 307, 65). With rare exceptions (Shu"t Chelkat Yaakov Yoreh Deah 190), it is not permitted to attend school- where a gentile teacher is writing on the blackboard and performing other labors- on Shabbat on a regular, planned basis (Mishna Berura 340, 21). Technically, it is almost impossible for a student to be present in such a situation while observing all the laws of Shabbat (Mishna Berura 340, 21).
All observant Jews, students and others, should be aware that continued living in the Diaspora at this time, when Aliyah to Israel is possible for most Jews, is halachically problematic.

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Can you please target politicians, business leaders and prominent scientists/academics that push anti-white stuff?

I'm getting really sick and tired of the random people at a supermarket or whatever. It sends the wrong message and accomplishes very little.

That is all.

Kid wasn't a white supremacist, he is an authoritarian leftist who was groomed on discord to do the shooting.

They groomed him to portray himself as a white supremacist to fuck the right as a whole over.

When you think about it logically it makes sense. His whole manifesto was a checklift for the left to use against us as an acceleration tactic.

Rather smart if you ask me.

All they have to do is find some loser who hates us and tell him if he really wants to fuck us then make himself out to be one of us and commit a shooting.

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San Francisco's Bay to Breakers, known for its zany inclusivity, refuses to give awards to nonbinary runners

This is entirely ridiculous, this is a bunch of nobodies pretending that they're the same as the men's and women's elite runner category. Its like giving the retarded kid a BS award so they can stand on the podium too.

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Blackpill - The cost of the material wellbeing and safety of Western society is social-dissatisfaction at the monkey-brain level

The trajectory so called Western society started on 3500 years ago or whenever has resulted in a sort of social environment that's cognitively taxing and unsatisfying given human mental endowments which were developed under the evolutionary ancestral environment. This is an old insight spoken by Freud and probably by countless others. Even your Stacies and Chads feel this dissatisfaction. I'm not sure what the solution is because from a competitive point of view it's the case that this social arrangement produces the best material output and therefore best defense industry. If you think ethno-nationalism is the solution then why do people of Japan talk of having this feeling of waiting for the world to end (I read that somewhere)? They too are living among strangers and most of the time merely enduring rather than having absolute belonging. Basically, I really think native Americans and similar peoples really had it good despite the higher risk of getting tomahawked in the forehead.

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I've never actually seen someone with platinum/grey eyes. I've seen an icy blue, holy crap were those some gorgeous eyes. Sadly, they weren't attached to the kind of person to settle down with.

Was it a tranny?

Thankfully no.

I'm guessing either danger hair, a side cut, probably a bunch of facial piercings, and definitely tattoos.

Actually, everything about her appearance was clean, she just "wanted to explore herself more". So, you know what that entails.

Riding the dick train, sad.

Damn, and if she's good looking you know she got plenty.

Why didn’t you fuck

Because I wasn’t married to her?

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>I've literally seen people argue about how ass parasites are interdimensional demons, with Autism being one of the signs that you are "posessed".
Actually it's the opposite. The ass parasites tie the "disgust" function to the "pleasure" function in the human brain, causing humans to love shit and assholes and licking diseased pustules, and mixing with sub races, and annihilating their culture, abusing kids, cannibalism. Anything that a healthy parasite-free person would be disgusted by, the infected gain pleasure from.

It's actually a biological weapon by the machine elves, who the khazarian demon WORSHIPPERS (not khazarian demons retard) actually work with, since the machine elves are the technological assistance race for demons in question.

Autism is actually an evolved human means of protecting themselves from machine elf brainwashing, and what you call schizophrenia is just the ability to see the demons and the machine elves.

It's why the Khazarian demon worshippers have the highest levels of schizophrenia, since they evolved the means to see their masters:
Of course other people cursed with this affliction use it for good.


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male homosexuality is a trip

I wish it weren’t glorified so much tbh. Male sexuality, for ALL men, is so depraved, dehumanizing, and just wrong. I don’t find it suddenly okay when they go after each other and are completely free to just treat each other like sex toys. It’s bad enough in hetero relationships when there’s a woman to kind of make the man sort of behave most of the time, but gay male sexual behavior really show the full ugliness of male sexuality. Blech.

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I think I am more of a real man than you mate. I don't consider married men, real men. Sorry. Married men are compromised men. Are men who keep their heads low to not disturb the status quo because they have to feed their children. Responsibility is a chain to keep you locked into the dominant societal mindset...in order to have a paycheck and a pussy.

There is a reason why revolutions start from unmarried man. Not cucks

Now to, illustrate to you and the impartial observer that I know what you mean with the quote above. My last serious ralationship. After 2 months of dating and fucking, there is this episode in my bedroom. After having a shower together, she seems to forget something in the bathroom. I calmly take it and put it near her purse. She says you could have left it there... I can use it next time. She already knew I didn't want her living with me. So she starts crying. But instead of simping for her, I started laughing. And like in one of those horror movies when the psycho abruptly stops laughing, she stopped crying, like it was on command. Clearly the bitch wanted to manipulate me emotionally, to make me feel bad.

Women, and society do this.

Men are taller and heavier and stronger, but nature or god balances things. Women have their advantages over us too. They are better at verbal and social manipulation. Society has never been patriarchal. Women are always at the center. Society is always and always will be gynocentric.

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Driving at night is difficult for the highly melanated and for people of the Asian persuasion because they have worse vision in general and significantly worse night vision.

Low IQ is associated with worse eyesight and with a steeper drop-off in nighttime driving performance.

Nighttime speed limits would be unnecessary in a society that practiced racial hygiene and eugenics.

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Russian empire conquers a land controlled by khazar caananite demon worshippers, and exiles them to poland and germany where they ferment into modern jews.

Russia forgets to send tax collectors to the land they conquered.

Local groups evolve and turn into land-pirates, brigands and warlords.

Russia uses these groups as a chaotic criminal border with ottoman turks.

Russia gets famine and plague and almost destroyed.

Poland gets taken over by the demon worshippers, and conquers part of Russia, and forcibly converts Russians to catholicism and jewry, and blanda-downs to them.

Russia recovers and takes back the land, in fact fucks poland over and splits it with the germans.

However the judeocatholic worm festers.

Russia gets taken over by the khazar demon worshippers who create the evil of communism and kill 100 million russians, enslave the rest.

Khazar demon worshippers take over entire east europe, and make sure to brainwash locals to hate RUSSIANS instead of them.

Khazar demon worhshippers give ridiculous amount of land to the judeocatholics in Ukraine, expanding borders 10x over.

Communism collapses and judeocatholic khazar demon worshippers escape to USA and Israel, but they never forget their dream homeland.

2014 they hire mercenaries to shoot some people in the street, so they can suspend all law and elections and take power.

2022 Russia doesnt want to get taken over by them again, so they act to limit their power.

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they primarily use dipshit evangelicals to keep minimum wage low, while they offshore their business, offshore the taxes, and then sell at insanely inflated prices to boomers too dumb to realize the European is an animal in a cage to corporate juden business interest.

The money that the globohomo corporate overlords have made since 1980 is absolutely shocking to anyone who understands it. Much like Ross Perot said, "The only thing coming out of NAFTA is a giant sucking sound of jobs leaving America".

The only answer to jewish and corporate demon led New American Ethics is to eschew commercialism and live apart from it, having faith in your church or family.

If you are European, not White, not Nazi, just a regular goofy looking European dude like throughout the UK, Germany, Italy, etc., your biggest enemy is honestly the evangelical lunatic and jewish greed demon on one side, and jewish midget lesbian control demons on the other.

Personally I live in a homestead environment, but having to deal with Americans, and how hyper politicized and self serving they are, actually destroys intellects. Americans are so defeated and starved at this point, they are charging in for the final kill, as the State Department defines WHAHITE SUPREMACY, you know, being angry when minorities beat and kill your kids and rape your daughters on Facebook Livestream lol. Not the hundreds of thousands of people rioting during a pandemic trying to kill cops and Europeans, its the dumb boomers trying to eat outside at a cafe.

This country is lunatic and hates you, it only respects the demon evangelical, the jew, and the immigrant. Anyone who has had to live with the reality of multi-generational existence in this ridiculous commercial of a nation, you are the enemy.

At some point, the European must tell the five foot 5 controlling evangelical racist loon to fuck off, we do not accept you, your hatred and death proxied through corporate control, tax scams and usury, and your juden masters.

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No physical evidence for battle of Stalingrad. No rubble piles or anything. Battle was created by soviet propaganda. 1990s history books began promoting the battle which led to the 21st century video games promoting the idea a battle occurred. Pre 1990 sources agree the battle never happened and Germany surrendered immediately. Army group center also surrendered and army group north formed a pocket and never fought. Shithole countries like Finland were more significant than Germany in Ww2, Germany is famous only because he was marketed better in American media.

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To be obsolete means that one has no ideals, imagination, ingenuity and overall serves no purpose. The art of being a humble human bound to a sacred code of morals, traditions and respect for life has become obsolete. The acts portrayed by the ruling class, regardless of political agenda, negated the nature of human thought, making the mind robotic and easily manipulated. For one select individual to have a unique self-thought process has become antiquated. The government is scared of the working class retaining any power thus promoting the obsolescence of humanism.

This year has been the catalyst for individuals to define normalcy in the technical age. When once humans were free to roam at and within their own freewill, now they see themselves on camera wherever they go. COVID schooling via substantial video calls, social media posts and news headlines, and 24/7 surveillance validate the coined phrase, “Big Brother is watching you.” Secrecy and prosperity of humanism are among many of the morals lost. People believe what they choose to share with the world is all that is seen- plot twist- it isn’t.

Technology destroyed traditions such as family dinners, game nights, grocery shopping, appreciation of elders, and basic conversation. Sentiments of the past such as handwritten letters, cursive, analog clocks, and staplers are beginning to disappear. 2020 has also attempted to integrate new monetary policies and shot a spike through the unemployment rate. Humans would rather live in their screens providing themselves with physical pain and stress, rather than enjoy life with everything the planet has to offer. Despite the current times society has been headed in this direction, and although virtual reality is contemporary, the outside world is monumental compared to the digital universe.

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This is precisely why identity politics and the fetishization of oppression is the biggest problem on the left right now. The only way liberal people (specifically young liberal people) can have their voices valued is if they can win a gold medal in the Oppression Olympics. And, if they're just a "boring White girl" or "an oppressive White boy", it's not surprising that they'd be tempted to identify into an "oppressed" gender/sexuality that would offer them instant clout in their social circles without having to really do anything

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Even if the 6 million was true* - and extensive doubt has been cast on that - other groups, mostly White and Indo-European ethnicities, suffered comparable and even far worse genocides than the Jews in recent history.


UKRAINIANS - between seven and nine million killed by Stalinists in the Holodomor, primarily by famine.

FAGGOTS, GYPSIES, AND JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES - five million allegedly beaten to death by Nazis with wooden doors in the haul of cost*.

POLES - between two and three million allegedly killed by Nazi masturbation machines in the hall accost*.

CIRCASSIANS - between two and three million killed by White Russians in the Circassian genocide, by various means.

ARMENIANS - about a million and a half killed by Turks, mostly by gunshot.

Everything marked with an asterisk is probably fake and gay. "But, but, they weren't all gassed, it was the Holocaust of Bullets that killed them!" Fucking Jews always change the story when you call them on their shit.

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FUN FACT #629: The criminal system now is a NIGGERTOPIA that never holds Blacks accountable for crimes!
But its far far worse in 2022.
Since 2021 they refuse to investigate or solve serious crimes by Blacks.


The progression of "sentencing Reform" for Blacks TODAY:

•- No detective investigations of Black crimes!
•- No arrest!
•- if arrested, NO CHARGES!
•- And if charged "UNDER-charged" if black.
•- And if charged and held, no bail needed if black, or negligible bail.
•- And if UNDER-charged, plead out and tossed out of court before given a court docket, if black
•- Court? If Black, the Judge ensures the Nigger goes free or "probation"
•- Court does not grant probation?, then court UNDER-SENTENCES BLACKS in 2021! Really!
•- UNDER-SENTENCES and goes to prison?... then LET OUT EARLY under many new state "sentencing reform laws"

•- Federal prison? Blacks now under new 2020 federal law get out in 50% time served if
good behavior" stacked on top of normal good behavior. 1/4 time served for RAPE, MURDER, KIDNAPPING, CARJACKING, DRUG LORDs, everything if black felon


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Understand that this all fake and suddenly it all makes sense. The only way to join “among the stars” is through God. They can’t do that, and their goal is to make sure that you don’t either.

If space and Nasa were real, we would be as advanced today as scifi movies from XX century predicted. But we’re not because it’s false science.

NASALies #fundie #crackpot fstdt.com

The Moon landings were fake movies directed by Stanley Kubrick and commissioned by President Dick the Crook. The Mercury missions were a lie because there is no Mercury. The Solar System doesn't exist. There is only the Earth, the Heaven, the Firmament, the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Columbia didn't actually go into space. They gave up and turned around but it was too late. The Van Allan Radiation Belt fried it instantly. NASA is the world's worst terrorist organization ever in the world. They have killed so many people through their "missions". They are war criminals, trying to cruelly invade God's territory when John 3:13 says is IMPOSSIBLE! Wake up NASA sheeple and start thinking for yourself!

Bjorn_the_Black #racist consumeproduct.win

Been traveling to TX lately for work and it's just lots and lots of hispanic people. There's white people, yeah. But if you spun a black infant around in a circle by it's heels like an olympic athelete, closed your eyes and tossed it in a random direction, it would almost certainly hit a hispanic individual and not a white one. Not sure on the ratio, but where I last visited (San Antonio), it had to have been more than 70/30. Not disproportionately as many black people really, but definitely more than where I am. Except Houston, that looked like the Southern Eastern states - very black. Like Atlanta black.

Moving to TX in general expecting a white, more conservative dreamland is going to set you up for failure. Oh, I'll move to Austin! Austin is the Portland, Oregon of Texas. Thus far everywhere I have been in Texas, I was unsurprised to see that the faces on the slews of political billboards and signs splattered fucking everywhere and zip-tied to everything, and that nearly every politician was hispanic. Gee, I wonder why respect of our border is non-existant. The fence-hoppers are making the rules for the wall-climbers.

I was just near San Antonio, and this was all true but the hispanic people there did seem more "white-acting" than they did in say the Gulf or border towns. Lots of black-crossed foreheads on Ash Wednesday, too. You don't hear people speaking exclusively Spanish as much as near the Gulf/Border. I hate those areas, I swear Mexico could annex a lot of those areas and we probably wouldn't lose much.

(Submitter’s note: Some parts of the quote have been removed for length reasons.)

PurestEvil #racist #dunning-kruger consumeproduct.win

Racism is not a thing. It's a made up word by communists.

The closest proper term is "race awareness." Who is most race aware? Those who have dealt with other races the most. It is inevitable unless you are in a coddled university with high IQ people of any race. Then your experience is strongly biased towards the better.

Once you enter the real world, far apart from the safe spaces of the university, the real racial difference will slap you in the face. The difference is solely: If you have been sufficiently brainwashed, your first thought will be "these niggers are stupid because muh' white oppression!!" We on the other hand know about race & IQ, and other facts of life, so we don't make up dumb excuses.

And if you never have been to higher education, you won't get the hardcore programming either. So the working class plebs appear "dumb" because they do not regurgitate the programming that for some stupid NPC reason determines you "smart."

Peterphil #sexist #dunning-kruger fstdt.com

Lmao yes all those men fucking baste’s future wife right now are the real suckers, just training her up and stretching her out while future hubby spends his days relaxing and watchdogging on the internet, waiting for the fruit to ripen.

Sure her uterus will be ravaged up like the projects by the time he gets her but at least she’ll be experienced enough to take his dick once a month.

PurestEvil #crackpot #wingnut #homophobia consumeproduct.win

"Love" and "hate" are propagandistic buzzwords. They operate on the spectrum of degeneracy.

Love = degeneracy

Hate = anti-degeneracy

Love = communism, welfare, 3rd world immigration, Marxism

Hate = anti-communism, anti-welfare, anti-3rd world immigration, anti-Marxism

It's just a code word to both, render the language to something childishly simple and make degeneracy look positively while making the opposition to it look negatively.