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I respect black men for being willing to walk away from foids

Black men are the only ones who are willing to walk away from foids when the foid becomes unpleasant and unreasonable.

In all other cultures men must acquiesce or try to control the foid.

Attempts to control the femoid never work and of course is unecessary and stressful labor for men, if a foid is defective just walk and let her be strong and independent.

When you buy a product and it is defective you are allowed to return it to the manufacturer for a refund.

Same with foids, you shouldnt need to control them, you should be able to return her to her father or mother stating that she is defective and unliveable.

No one would expect you to drive a car with an engine that doesnt work, why then deal with a foid who is argumentative, disruptive and all round PITA.

This is true. Nignoggers that walk away from femoids do it for real. A nignogger is much more rational than your average normie. The point is that a negro observes reality, he's convinced by it. I never needed to explain a thing to a negro multiple times, they get it immediately.

So if a negro is convinced of something he's going to act according to the knowledge he has.

Whites don't do that. Whites keep spamming obsessively new stupid memes such as teenlove, offidoffi, tradwaifu, oneitis, and the list goes on and on. Basically we have this bulk of blackpill knowledge, it's all highIQ empirically tested evidence, the whites are not even considering it, they go around spamming one delusion after the other.

And white MGTOWs? What a bunch of idiots. The negro MGTOWs had to separate and create their own groups, because the white infested MGTOW spaces are too stupid to be real, they're all about discussin obsessively about muh traditionalism, muh coping with religion, muh jordan cuckoldson, they're all grown ass men and still quote Peterson like they are teenagers that don't know anything about life.



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