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I would say we have 2 presidents…the president is head of a team.. on the one hand Biden is a puppet…run by the Rothschild/CCP/Soros NWO group. They make decisions.. attributed to “Biden”…and THEN on the other side is Trump and his team. Under these circumstances..there is a SPLIT in our country mirrored in the SPLIT in the Presidency. Keep this in mind. So I imagine like 2 Mafia dons… Trump does not have complete control. There is a give and take.. or we have outright civil war.
It’s all Continuity Of Government (COG) in operation.

DO YOU …ANYONE OUT THERE sincerely think that we had a STOLEN ELECTION and no one in the military and Congress and the Senate noticed? You think these people…I mean the good people, WERE GOING TO LET OUR COUNTRY BE TAKEN OVER BY SCHWAB AND HIS COHORTS and do NOTHING?

THIS IS WHAT COG IS FOR… takeover of our country by a foreign power or powers.
So why doesn’t Juan O Savin aka John Kennedy (JFKjr) talk about COG and the dual Presidency? He alludes to it. He stresses Trump was sworn in by the military in a ceremony on March 11, 2021. But he doesn’t talk about the legal actions taken by Trump and team to preserve our precious union. Patel Patriot has done the heavy lifting on this. Yes he is wrong about Pence but the rest of it is solid and backed by ample evidence. How Trump prepared his team for the takeover orchestrated by the Biden/CCP/NWO traitors. How they knew it was coming for years and even talked about it…in the form of a clear-cut well documented steal of the 2020 election.

Clearly, Juan has some limits on what he can and can’t say. So I am stressing the obvious…
I get Juan/John and the AI and the generals think if things get bad enough that allows Trump to step forward and save the day… That scenario bothers me because it’s too much like the days of Nazi Germany… Why not just tell the real truth about the dual presidency. COG and let’s move forward with that? People can handle the truth.



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