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do women have hobbies

[Saint Chincel]
And no shopping isn't a hobby so what do they actually do

… I grew up with 8 women … non of them had any hobbies or things they really liked except shopping , drinking wine and shouting no man in the mix except me … just me with a bunch narcissistic psychopaths

no they dont have hobbies, their only hobbies include. sex, dating, and thats all.

why do you think the vast majority of men have more copes.

[Saint Chincel]
Oh an killing there kids cant forget that they love that shit
Don't even go to prison some of them

[Saint Chincel]
Destroying reputation with lies all of them do that

the only hobbies i see them do is painting or drawing or whatever. not even interesting pieces …

Their hobbies consist of getting banged by chad, partying and pushing ugly guys to suіcіde for fun.

They love shopping for batteries, for their vibrators.

Female hobbies include
1)chatting shit
2)sucking Chad's dick
3)seeking validation
4)manipulation/mind games
5)tormenting incels

Knitting maybe?

[Fiesta Payasos]
Banging chad, go shopping, take slutty selfies, receive attention by orbiters, watch reality shows about chad and Stacy, watch yt videos about make up and whore techniques. …

No. There was this time sitting next to this foid in my maths class … I shit you not all her and her friends did was watch movies and eat. … The smartest girl in the class … watched Kim Kardashian. Had no hobbies either. Even if they are not stupid they will do absolutely nothing with it.

… sucking money out of men's wallets.

They masturbate in front of a camera …

They are drones …
What they do on their pass time, is basically do what others are doing.
Lame ass creatures.

There's a few women with talents like art, but … there's a solid reason STEM and important roles in business are ran by men.



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