Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #fundie #conspiracy

Our body is a snapshot of the electromagnetic imprints of the cosmos
At the exact time of our incarnation

Our etheric blueprint is just outside our physical body
It is the energetic architecture which manifests in physical form
You are sustained in this eternal light

We inhabit our mothers womb months before we are actually born
Aborted babies become the food of reptilians

Our world has been dramatically changed to produce ego survival instincts
It has become a predator world

We have the power to change our reality back to paradisical conditions
Humans do not realize their inner light

Religion sells you a false ascension
All Christian Pop Stars are Freemasons charming the masses

Whitney Houston grew up in the Jesuit Phoenix Order of the Illuminati
She was sacrificed but was first given a tribute or Rite of Passage

That is what the Illuminati is all about
The selling of your soul for temporary fame and power

The bodies of celebrities are typically taken over by entities
Whose tattoos reveal who they used to be and are also instruction codes

In the movie The Arrival
The Galactic Federation of Light invades the earth

The arrival has already happened
And the illumanati are the ones on their side
They were the Sons of Amon who were behind the Inquisition

They are also the ones behind modern religion

Revelation 18:21
A mighty angel threw a boulder into the sea and said
With such violence so will the great city of Babylon be thrown down

1 + 8 = 9 and 2 + 1 = 3
9 is an upside down 6
So we have 3 sixes or 666

This refers to the planned tsunami which will be blamed on a meteor
Or maybe just the landslide into the ocean from a volcano

They have gotten the world to believe we live on a round ball
Even though water does not have the physical capacity of convexity

And if gravity was real it would not allow clouds to float in the air

Since it is claimed to have the strength to keep the oceans pushed down on a curved ball
It would surely push down the clouds also!



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