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Growing tired of arguing with people on Facebook, where I was posting original research on the data of past flu seasons that showed there was NO pandemic, epidemic or even outbreak that could ever reach the nature of a true “emergency,” I decided to do what I do best, and EDUCATE others.

When all this nonsense started, my discernment radar went on high alert and my research supported what my intuition indicated: there is NO lawful authority for any of these government measures at any level of government — regardless of any declared emergency.

That means the state government is acting unlawfully, the county governments are acting unlawfully, the city governments are acting unlawfully, the school boards and acting unlawfully and likely even your local homeowner’s association and employment unions are acting unlawfully.

Along with the government tyrants are the corporate tyrants, deeming themselves medical experts and law enforcement officers, denying law-abiding people their free and equal access to places of public accommodation, as required by state and federal laws in the United States.

Free and peaceable law-abiding citizens are being denied entry into grocery stores to put food on the table? In THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?!

I will not stand for this, and I know you won’t either.



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