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Good morning. America is still here and Jesus is still on the throne. Thousands of babies have already been saved since the overturning of Roe. 🙏

@wendyrogersaz Thousands more are being killed and maimed by vaccines. The ones peole actually want.

@wendyrogersaz thousands of nigger babies and other shitskins. Whites had the least number of abortions. So now we'll be overrun by every third world shitskin.

@wendyrogersaz Millions are still part of the genocide. Our neighbor is killing babies one by one and it is our fault for not trying to stop it. Blue states are not part of humanity, much less part of America. Our ancestors just two generations ago would have gone over there and put a stop to the genocide.
Instead we have walked away from “the hill we will die on” just because the feds decided to throw us a bone…

@wendyrogersaz true. But why have you gone silent on the election fraud?! You made a bunch of noise about it to gain popularity for yourself, then done. That would make you a fake as well. That's too bad!

Here in reality, we Americans are wondering why you maga rinos can't Name the Jew?

The Jews in the nations highest offices Name the every 5 seconds, non-stop. Bullshit lies from a fraudulent FBI's bullshit statistics.

If your constituents want their bodies busted up for their ticket to paradise, then stick around...the Jesus scenario is about to happen to them.

@wendyrogersaz gas the jews


Wendy what do you think about the Jews and abortion being a religious right to them?

I bet you will never say the words White or jew



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