Various Posters #racist

(on a thread about an article regarding Southern white people having more black ancestry than the rest of the rus)

(Monkey Pez): I call bullshit. Not one nigger or nigger lover in my Southern line and I've gone way back in my ancestry.

(Frenchy): The "study" is a load of bunk, designed by nigger coddlers to humanize the nigger beast. Thanks, but no thanks. Whoever funded the grant for such a study was led down the primrose path.

(Casper): Bollocks I say. They done a study like this in South africa a few years ago. They were trying to do the same thing. They said that most of the Boers were also 2/3% Nigger. The Fcuktards are only trying to push the same agenda.

(Obongo): I call both studies bullshit and nothing but. White Southerners and Boers are NOT nigger and the niggers know that. Fucking nigger coddlers.

(Honey Jigaboo Boo): Same here. My family is from the south and we are as light skinned as you can get and full of blue eyed redheads in our family line, and we can trace our history back to at least 1415. We OWNED and WORKED niggers, we didn't muh dick them. It would have been the equivalent of screwing my lawn mower.

(white devil): Oh what a steaming pile of libtard nigger loving propaganda. We take our bloodlines very seriously here in the deep South and as such I know all about mine. I had a great grandmother who used to research our family history before you could do it online. She would go to the state capitol and dig through the archives. She researched our family all the way back to the 1500's and there was not one single burrhead nigger in the pile. Not one. Our family has been in the South since before George Washington came to this country and we are pure white. This "study" is nigger nonsense, right up there with flying gypshuns. I AM the South and damn proud.



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