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(On affirmative Action)

Government programs which, long
story short, require niggers to be hired in jobs they could not otherwise get, taking the position from a human. See gibs and racism for a discussion of closely related topics.

Ex.: After studying for years at an esteemed college, Sarah lost her best job opportunity to an utterly unqualified sheboon due to affirmative action.

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Unfortunately it appears that almost my entire extended family is all "woke" and got on the BLM bandwagon. What to do? It seems I'll have to remain officially neutral, especially if I want to see the grandbaby and keep peace in the family. However I refuse to kneel to anybody, especially a nigger. As a matter of fact I won't have anything to do with them, anyway.

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Please help me, I am so upset, my beautiful daughter, 4.0, great attendance, well liked daughter was shunned by the cheerleading ( one white, one black team of best friends ) coaches and not chosen for the cheerleading team. THREE BLACK GIRLS WHERE CHOSEN, NO WHITE GIRLS THIS YEAR. Now honestly ladies, it is not my first pick for a sport for my daughter, my husband and I tried to DISCOURAGE her, but she insisted, and was good , so we let her try out. I should have known, when i went to the "camp" one day,and discovered the head coach acted black and had a black assistant coach and they are best friends, that it would be trouble for my daughter. She could not be more Aryan, blond , blue eyed, just like me. They seemed to dislike us from day one.. I don't know what to do. My daughter is embarrassed,and all of the school is confused. The boys even had bets with my daughter being a shoe in. One of the "chosen" girls has a dad that is the football coach.. The year as begun of course,and tryouts for next year will be at the end of the year. She wants to try again, and I just don't know... Opinions please needed.

Thanks to all my lovely Aryan ladies for having my back, I need your advice girls!

A..... in the "secret city" in the south

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What's the deal with "Bi" women?

It's part of the new sexual/gender confusion indoctrination program that the Jews are trying. And, it seems to be working well. There are very few people that one meets nowadays who doesn't believe that "everyone is gay to a percent", meaning there is no one who is completely heterosexual. That's what they are being indoctrinated w/ from a VERY early age.

It doesn't help that so many men promote women being lipstick, weekend lesbians or bisexual. It's promoted in SO many movies geared toward young people that the weak minded (i.e. conventional modern humans) hardly stand a chance, especially w/ the breakdown of the family program decades in its running. These two tactics work hand in glove to attempt finishing off any hope the white race has for a real future.

The more these corrosive strategies are aimed at our people the less likely it is for them to resist ANYTHING that would have been in the past something to be ashamed of. They are chipping away at our moral foundation and there is really no other way to head this off then to raise white children on an at home basis (i.e. homeschool) and to promote a traditional lifestyle, one in which children are encouraged to skip college and instead build a family.