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We had Ms Thorpe at our office ranting about her usual BS about how DHHS was creating a new 'stolen generation' and committing cultural genocide.

The majority of Aboriginal children are removed because of "neglect", not abuse, neglect is an incredibly nebulous category that would include things like simply being in poverty and not being able to afford certain things. Removing a child from their family almost always does not actually benefit the child except in extreme circumstances of physical/emotional or sexual abuse.

Mate I've worked in child protection, shut the fuck up - you have no idea what you're talking about or the horrors people have to see these parents inflict on kids. It's not 'here's the caseworkers statement, let's go grab that kid!'. It's 'Here's a photo of the rooms currently unusable due to filth. Here's the doctor's report showing severe malnourishment. Here's the psychologist's report showing severe failure to thrive and loss of language. Here's the police report for their attendance where the father beat the shit out of the mum and threw a chair at her whilst holding a baby'.

Damn bro you pretty much described my childhood to a T and yet here I am, perfectly fine, university educated with gainful employment, somehow I managed to survive neglect, somehow I managed to overcome a childhood where I didn't speak to anyone for a fucking year, a childhood of malnutrition that the school tried to intervene believing I had anorexia, a family home filled with rubbish and mould, survived going to bed every night listening to constant screaming and fist fights, somehow I managed to survive without being torn from my fucking family, which is itself an act of violence. I survived because despite all the trauma I dealt with I knew my family loved me but they were struggling just as much as I was.

Tearing a child from their family is pretty much the most fucking traumatic thing you can do to them.



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