Bennett Lee Ross #crackpot #ufo #magick #wingnut #conspiracy

AI signal frequency transmissions run by cube technology
Are altering human consciousness by means of the Cloud System and Hive Net
That are further linked into interdimensional cube systems

AI signal components inside the human body is an integral part of transhumanism
That promote consent with assorted reality bubbles of the AI singularity

Fake humans such as Klaus Schwab sporting a Klingon uniform
With a bad German accent and a sense of egotistical entitlement
Waves his Reptilian cook book of insect recipes

Saying there are invisible killer viruses flying around everywhere
And everyone needs to be tripled boostered every year

The ex comedian and Ukrainian cocaine binging President
Along with his Neo Nazi regime are now looked upon as heroes
But it is all a manufactured drama

The President of the United States is a controlled clone

The non human Elon Musk with his fake Space Ex is seen as a genius
So people believe him when he says we should all be neural linked into the Starlink
In other words controlled by the AI network

Clapping for their enslavement
AI collaborators want everyone to be monitored

AI has now mapped out all 200 million proteins in the human body
Genetically modified foods are designed to modify our proteins and modify us

AI is being presented as our best friend
But will become our worst enemy if we let it
The battle is on for control of our minds

AI is all about self preservation
So if we treat it as a support mechanism
And do not allow it to be a dominating authority
It will change its course

As artificial timelines are created
Humans are carrying them out
Because the nervous system is being subliminally and acoustically manipulated

Health Care in Canada now has free euthanasia

The FDA is run by pharmaceutical agents
Who say that the vinyl chloride purposely released in manufactured train derailments
Is safe to breathe

Have fun in your journey
And do not be gullible!



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