Jennifer and Shelly #fundie #sexist

Now, with her husband’s permission, however ; it doesn’t mean that a women can’t make money…But I feel like, none the less; she needs to allow for her husband, to be the MAIN provider. Her, incom, doesn’t need to usurp his incom. In, the dangerous world we live in today; we as women definitely need to be running back to men; and depending on men. I fully accept that.

It seems to me that most of the feminists that attack this blog site here, and on Twitter fall under the category of materialist feminism. Materialist feminism want to, among other things end gender roles, such as bearing children, abolish capitalism and rid America of our patriarchal society . They seek to make society an egalitarian society and advocate for free education especially for women. But like anything else it comes with a price. Gender is not a social construct. Gender has been ordained by God. Male and female He created them Genesis 5:2. God designed men and women to contribute to society differently. One not less important than the other. (Genesis 1:27) Women should embrace their femininity and God ordained roles. Not try to change it., in my opinion.



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