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Removing God, introducing modern hedonism, and bringing equality into the marriage has led to disastrous consequences. Generation Z women have fallen for three scams introduced by Satan and his minions:

You will be well served by living your life, searching for what feels good and experiencing that to its fullest.
If you have read our article on Feminism, you will know that the data is in, and its conclusion is undeniable. The way women are choosing to live their lives in the modern world is not making them happy. Women’s happiness is in terminal decline in the modern world of equality.

When we counsel women in our marriage counselling courses, we find the same pattern over and over,

Women who are married and are responsible for the provision of the home have increased anxiety or stress compared with women who have a strong Godly male provider.

Women who are financially responsible for the household are less happy than women who have a husband that is financially responsible for the household.

Women who stay at home and care for young children have increased happiness compared with women who have careers and leave their children to daycare.

Overall, this fallacy that men and women are equal, and that women should have like for like careers and lifestyles as men do is destroying female happiness!

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4. Children can inherit emotional trauma
5. The worlds already overpopulated
6. You will watch your child scramble for the already limited resources eg. Jobs, housing etc.

She acts like she’s brave sharing all of these reasons. The problem is that the birth rates in most countries are at all time lows. God created us to marry and be fruitful and multiply. She’s simply pushing the feminist agenda that has been pushed on women for decades now and is going to end up being devastating to many nations.

I asked the women on my Instagram what the blessings are in having children. Here are some of their replies:

Her list is mostly fear driven! Your children could be…Not a reason to not have children.

The privilege of raising eternal souls who prayerfully will accept Christ as their Savior.

Too many to count. but I can’t imagine growing old and having no family to fellowship with.

They bring joy to our home with their laughter and innocence.

You mature into a new version of yourself!

Little children bring endless cuddles, cures loneliness, and I love watching them learn.

They become the best people to know, your best friends.

So many blessings. They can make the world a better place if God is placed in their home.

A little extra purpose in this life and eternal rewards!

All of the beautiful fruit manifested in your child from doing your very best.

Witnessing all the milestones and becoming friends when they are adults and then grandbabies!

It pleases the Lord. Truly gifts from Him.

Getting to learn alongside and see the world through the eyes of a child again.

If you raise godly children, you won’t be lonely in your old age! So sad to see elderly who die alone.

Having simple childlike fun with them

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One of the biggest cultural lies of our time is that of birth control. Birth control was condemned and preached as a sin within the church before 1930. Since then, the devil has lied and blurred that line as the devil does not want God’s children to increase. If we actually test birth control against what the Bible says, it quickly falls when deeply examined. A person has to make many exceptions to the truth in order to be able to say it’s okay.

First off, it is a command to be fruitful and increase in number. “And God blessed them. And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it…'” Genesis 1:28. Throughout Deuteronomy, there are so many warnings for us to keep Gods commandments always, and that it is not our place as a servant of God to decide when to follow His commands or not. God will bless us in His timing and His plan. When we pick and choose when to have a baby, it is treating babies like a commodity.

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I agree with Karl — there’s no arguing with a woman’s biology. My brother married an attorney believe it or not who was actually a prosecutor. We invited them to go camping with us soon after they were married and somehow her diaphragm disappeared out of her bag. (Hmmm, I wonder, I just can’t imagine who could have searched through her bag to find that handy-dandy little baby barrier and then had a good chuckle throwing it in the trash. Oops!) Well they were newlyweds and we were camping for a week. The look on her face was priceless when I told her, no we didn’t have any condoms, and she realized she’d be sharing a sleeping bag with an amorous husband for a week without any contraception. She had their first nine months later.

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Louise says:

Dave, just to clarify. You do not believe a wife has the right to disobey ever? Even if her husband commands her to have an abortion, or stand by idly while he molests their children or even commands her to participate?

Dave says:
March 7, 2017 at 8:18 am
Hi Louise.
No, she does not have any right. She has a responsibility to obey her husband. I read nothing else in scripture.
God works through all kinds of things that are horrible to our minds. He restores all things.

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College for women is a disaster for all of society. Because when women go to college, inevitably, men get excluded from college. Everybody claims this doesn’t happen, but it does.
So now we have millions of young men who haven’t gone to college, who don’t have jobs or careers. Who are mocked, insulted, demeaned by haughty women.
So what do these beaten-down insulted boys do? What they’ve always done in history: pick up guns and start killing people.
A very, very small number of crazy young men with guns can destroy society utterly. It’s called “Asymetric warfare” and that’s how Bosnia and other similar nations collapsed into civil war.
Now the USA is headed that way. In 20 years our nation will be in ruins and all those “empowered women” will be begging for some man to protect them. Or we’ll be a police state in which all men are wearing electronic tracking collars, controlled from birth.
Feminism destroys nations. This has been true for thousands of years of human history. Villages that embraced Feminist-like ideals quickly collapsed and starved, or were overrun by non-Feminist villages nearby. This is why early Feminists were ALWAYS driven from the village by the other women, or killed. They are dangerous to everybody’s survival.
The USA and other nations that have fallen under the evil spell of Feminism are doomed.
Future generations will look back in horror at Feminism and wonder how we could have been so stupid. For the women in the future, to call another woman a “Feminist” will be the most terrible insult, a word said with a hiss. As the population of the country collapses (it’s already happening, look at the birth rate) Feminism and Abortion will be recognized as the crimes they are, and young women will have to be paid/encouraged to have more kids to try to stave off social collapse.
All of the above is scientific fact. And Biblical fact.

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The other day, I tweeted this: “A wife has a much greater chance of being abused if she is quarrelsome, contentious, and abusive towards her husband rather than if she is kind, loving, and submissive. God’s ways are for our good, NOT for our harm.” It’s an eternal principle. We will reap what we sow but as so many hate God, they hate His principles. As expected, this tweet received a ton of outrage. (It’s easy to outrage and offend women these days. You would think they would simply ignore me as I ignore them.)

If women think that they can never provoke men to wrath, they’re fooling themselves. Jesus was even provoked to wrath! No, it doesn’t give men an excuse to be physically abusive but women should be a whole lot more careful about the way they treat their husbands. I provoked my husband to wrath on numerous occasions but thankfully, I married a man who can control his anger and would never harm me. Unfortunately, some men weren’t raised to control their anger.

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I’m giving my point of view on pants from a man’s prospective.

Whether a woman wears pants that are skin tight or loose does not matter.

When a man sees a woman in pants, he is NOT looking at the woman’s face at the beginning.

If a man is looking at the woman who is facing away, his eyes are automatically drawn to her rear end.

If the woman is facing him, his eyes are automatically drawn to her lower waist area. (you figure out the area I am talking about)

It doesn’t matter how “Christian” the man is, pants on women are designed to draw a man’s eyes to those parts.
The pants legs coming up and joining together near the waist, are designed to “funnel” a man’s eyes to certain areas.

Its then up to the man whether he averts his eyes, or sins by continuing to look.

My elderly advice to a woman wearing pants is to wear a dress or skirt over top the pants.

And shame on all the “christian” women wearing skin tight jeans or jeans with rhinestones glued to the rear of the pants.

Please don’t tell me those “naive women” do not know they are dressing that way. THEY KNOW!!!!

Karl #sexist thetransformedwife.com

(A comment on article “Should Women be Police Officers”)

These women who try to take men’s jobs need husbands who are virile enough to keep them barefoot and pregnant. After six or seven children even the most committed feminist will learn the basic lesson of human biology that a woman’s proper role is in submission to her husband.

Lori Alexander #sexist #fundie thetransformedwife.com

This is why teaching Patriarchy and God’s will for men and women is vital. Most women aren’t taught how to be godly wives and mothers. They are only taught feminism and how to fight against the men in their lives. They are contentious and tearing their homes down. This is why women initiate up to 80 percent of the divorces. Many will claim their husbands abuse them because they aren’t meeting their “emotional needs.” This isn’t abuse!

Rusty Thomas #fundie thetransformedwife.com

Once the church was seduced by Margaret Sanger, the angel of death and founder of Planned Parenthood, to embrace birth control, which separated sex from procreation, it paved the way for the world to embrace abortion on demand and all its adjacent evils (homosexuality, child molestation, the rape culture, and other deviant immoralities).

Sex with no commitment produces a people who treat their spouses or sinful partners (sex outside of marriage) as mere sex objects. Most, in this compromised state, refuse to muster the responsibility necessary to raise children.

Perhaps, it is past time for Christians to put the ax of God’s truth to the root of this bloody idolatrous tree. The church must first repent of the anti-child mentality inspired by the Devil himself, who came to kill, steal, and destroy.

The same reason why the world murders their offspring is the same reason why some Christians do the same or falsely believe that a barren womb is now the blessing and a fruitful womb is now the curse.

The American church, for the most part, rejects the Biblical truth that children are gifts, blessings, and God’s reward to faithful parents (Psalms 127:3-5). No, they believe children are burdens that interrupt our hectic American lifestyles that seeks personal fulfillment without being encumbered by the sacrificial love necessary to advance God’s Kingdom in the earth.
Who is afraid of the big bad baby today? Here is a clue. It is not just the unregenerate world inspired by demons, but tragically, those who name the name of Christ. To say this ought not to be is a huge understatement.

God has never withdrawn His cultural mandate, “Be fruitful and multiply, subdue and take dominion.” Time to get back to God, His word, will, and way. With all our seeking of God’s blessings, remember one of them is a fruitful womb within the confines of holy marriage.

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If they can’t take any boyfriends seriously during their 20’s because they’re too busy with getting a degree and a career, they are going to miss the most opportune time for marrying, and the options are far fewer in their 30’s. They can go to college and get a job while they’re looking for a husband, but they have to be willing to give up their plan to follow a husband if a good man comes along. If they pass up good men in their 20’s, they might not be there later on. Careers can wait. Marriage and children can’t.

Plus, most women are not being chaste during their 20’s. They sleep around because they’re not taking relationships seriously and looking for marriage, then wonder why no one wants them in their 30’s after being with several other men. Men don’t want a woman with a lot of baggage from sleeping around. They want a wife they can trust to be faithful, and the way you test that is to look for chastity.

There’s a reason it’s hard to marry in a woman’s 30’s. The good men their age settled down with 20-something women who were willing to marry then and the leftovers are mostly the players and weirdos. The rare man who has been successful and is still single is looking to marry a 20-something, not a woman his own age. From about 18 to 28 is the most ideal time for a woman to marry as she is most attractive and most fertile during this period. If she skips marriage then, she will have a much harder time finding a good husband. That’s just a reality of life that women need to plan for.

Montesquieu #sexist thetransformedwife.com

Great post, as usual Lori,

Many women do not appear to understand how it encourages a man to have to go and support a wife and children. Tens of millions of men married poor, and the love they developed in marriage, and for their wife and children inspired them to work and achieve far greater than they otherwise would have. When women go to work, it emasculates the man.

When he’s no longer the provider and protector, he often gets in trouble. Where there is no love in a marriage, there will be love outside of it.

Lori Alexander #fundie thetransformedwife.com


Since I wrote about the devastating effects of Dr. Spock’s child raising book, I thought I would share what others think about spanking children. It seems we are constantly being told how the “studies” prove that spankings are bad for children and just plain wrong. In fact, a 50-year study proved that spanking children is just as bad as physical abuse. “We as a society think of spanking and physical abuse as distinct behaviors. Yet our research shows that spanking is linked with the same negative child outcomes as abuse, just to a slightly lesser degree.”

I know this isn’t true since parents have been spanking their children for centuries. I decided to look at the comments on the Facebook that shared this study (which isn’t a Christian site) to see what others had to say about this article and I was pleasantly surprised!

“And for 50 years society has demanded that there be no spanking and look what has happened to our kids. No respect of adults or other people’s property or lives. I for one am glad I was not listening!” (Inger)

“Watch nature. A mother bear will cuff her cub to keep it in line! All animals control their young with physical means, and GOD did tell us if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. A spanking is not meant to be a beating, just enough to get their attention.” (Joan)

“Funny how back in the day when a parent could discipline their children and not have the law or society call them out for ‘beating’ their child, we never had school shootings, or all of these disrespectful little thugs running around….” (Chrissie)

Lori Alexander #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com

In general, women are short-sighted. Some will claim that the birth control has helped them with some disease or problem that they have in the same way women will be angry if I suggest that women should have never had the right to vote. The birth control kills babies. It causes abortions. Millions upon millions of unborn babies have been slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs because of the birth control pill.

How, you may ask? The pill itself can cause abortions. It has also caused almost everyone to have a birth control mentality. “We get to decide when, how many, and if we’re going to have children.” God has been completely left out of the conversation, even among Christians. Now, pregnancy is called an “accident” or an “inconvenience” when discussing a human being being formed in the womb rather than a blessing from God. The pill has also led to massive fornication which leads to a massive number of abortions to cover up the couple’s immorality. Women have also decided they want careers rather than having babies. Why do you think we’re at the point where doctors and parents can decide to cut off a five-year-old boy’s male anatomy? Life is no longer valued. This is path that the pill has taken us down, and it’s horrific.

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There needs to be an intervention effort to help girls see the truth before they decide at a young age to be the next CEO. There are hardly any resources or role models that show homemakers as happy, fulfilled and valued. Young women do not even consider it as an option after all the brainwashing in school that teaches them they must work to ‘be somebody important’ and ‘make something of your life’ and to ‘not waste your talent’. Even the young men expect their future wife to ‘contribute to the family’ and to ‘not be a leach’. How backwards! Feminism has essentially taken the feminine out of being a woman. By working like a man you neglect your spouse, resent your time away from your children, wish your children would leave you alone so you can rest up for the next work day and then become lonely with no friends, just co-workers, and no strong family bonds (push that off on daycare, elder care). And we wonder why the divorce rate is so high, children are making bad choices, our health has declined and the depression rate is astronomical.

Lori Alexander #sexist #fundie thetransformedwife.com

In past generations, EVERY ONE knew that men are stronger physically and emotionally than women. Men have ten times the testosterone than women do. Yes, men’s struggle is with their sexual nature but women’s struggle is with their emotional nature. Men and women are different. We are not the same. (It’s sad that I even have to write these words.)


Can you even imagine what women in the military who are captured by the enemy must endure? I am sure it is horrible! Women are much more vulnerable and defenseless than men. Women are the ones who are raped. (Yes, some men are being raped today, too, in today’s perverted society but it normally takes several men to do this whereas it only takes one man against one woman to rape a woman.) How about a female police officer caught in the middle
of a gang? What if a female firefighter had to drag a 200 pound man down from a second story on a ladder to save his life? Women cannot do this. It is all nonsense.

John Piper #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com

A woman asked John Piper if it was okay for women to become police officers. He answered her here. I will give a few comments from his article and then respond.

“And here’s my conviction: to the degree that a woman’s influence over a man — guidance of man, leadership of man — is personal and directive, it will generally offend a man’s good, God-given sense of responsibility and leadership, and thus controvert God’s created order. To an extent, a woman’s leadership or influence may be personal and non-directive, or directive and non-personal. I don’t think those would necessarily push the limits of what is appropriate.

“That’s my general paradigm of guidance, and you can see how flexible it is, how imprecise it is, so let me give some examples. A woman who is a civil engineer might design a traffic pattern in a city so that she’s deciding which streets are one-way, and therefore she is influencing, indeed controlling in one sense, all the male drivers all day long. But this influence is so non-personal that it seems to me that the feminine/masculine dynamic is utterly negligible in this kind of relationship.

“On the other hand, a husband and wife relationship is very personal, and hence the clear teaching of the New Testament that the man should give leadership in the home, and that she should give glad partnership in supporting and helping that leadership come into its own.

“On the other hand, some influence is very directive, and some is non-directive. For example, a drill sergeant might epitomize directive influence over the privates in the platoon, and it would be hard for me to see how a woman could be a drill sergeant — ‘hut two, right face, left face, keep your mouth shut, private’ — over men without violating their sense of manhood and her sense of womanhood.”

Lori Alexander #sexist #fundie thetransformedwife.com

What about voting? Women overwhelmingly vote Democrat. There would have been no Democrat Presidents without women voting. It’s mostly the single and liberal women who are voting for large, intrusive government programs. They don’t have husbands, so they want everything free from the government. Instead of depending upon a husband to provide for them, they prefer an impersonal, corrupt government do this for them. It’s also the Democrats who are trying to vote in the right to be able to murder a baby weeks after it is born. Wouldn’t you all gladly give up your right to vote so women wouldn’t vote anymore and more babies would be given life??? I sure would in a heartbeat. Beside, most voting is fraudulent now.

Some will question why I discuss politics. Excuse me!!! The life of the unborn is NOT politics. It’s human life made in the image of God that we’re speaking about! Many mothers no longer even want to raise their children with public schools and daycares in abundance. They would rather a godless institution raise their own children. Let’s rebel against this, godly women! Marry, bear children, and guide the home as God commands in 1 Timothy 5:14. I assure you that His ways are best. Are they easy? NO! They’re hard and exhausting but nothing good ever comes easily. But His ways are perfect and produce beautiful fruit; godly offspring who will grow up and bless your socks right off!

How many of you believe these verses are true? If so, then live like it!

Lori Alexander #fundie thetransformedwife.com

It’s crucial, mothers, to train your children to obey you from a young age. When you train them to obey you IMMEDIATELY, you are teaching them discipline and self-control.
We did this with all four of our children. The first and only battle happened around the age of two with all of them. They wanted their way, and they refused to obey us. We stood our ground and insisted they obey. No, we never abused our children as many slanderously accuse us. We did spank our children at times but never in an abusive way. (Wooden spoons on the bottom or thigh works great!) Not one of them would say that they were ever abused.

In that first battle, we always won. God commands that children obey their parents, and it’s the parents’ responsibility to enforce this command. We were diligent to do this from the get-go. After that first battle, the children knew we meant business and obeyed us quickly. Child raising was easy because of this. Some of our friends thought we were too strict, as we watched their children win battle after battle and grow up to lack discipline and turn rebellious.

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President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barret to the Supreme Court of America on Saturday. The many pro-life conservatives are extremely excited. I am a pro-life conservative. I want a judge like her who loves America and the Constitution. However, I am sad that she will be unavailable for her seven children. The job that she will most likely have is time-consuming and will keep her away from home a lot.

Yes, I want a pro-life conservative on the Supreme Court. Yes, I am happy that Amy is one, but her children only have one mother. There are many other pro-life conservative judges that would make great Supreme Court judges.


What about Judge Deborah in the Bible? We are told nothing about her age or even if she had children. This was a unique circumstance in the entire Old Testament and was not God’s ideal; for He tells us: “As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12). Our God is a Patriarchal God who ordained men to be the ones in authority. This isn’t popular in our day and age but for believers in Jesus Christ, it should be for us.

Amy will hopefully be a wonderful Supreme Court Justice. She is the complete opposite of Ruth Bader Ginsberg which is great, but it’s an indication where our country is headed. She was praised for being the first Supreme Court Justice who had school age children. This grieved me. They will miss her constant influence in their lives, since no on will be able to take her place in their lives. Also, her husband must fill the role of help meet to her instead of her being his help meet.

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My mom didn’t fear germs at all. She feared toxic chemicals. She learned that a strong immune system is the best fight against germs and the diseases that result from them. So I grew up believing the same thing. I haven’t gotten the ordinary illnesses (colds and flu) much until I began having grandchildren. If they had a cold, I would get it and it would be much worse than the others due to my weakened immune system because of the lack of hormone production and an almost dead pituitary. However, once I began taking elderberry syrup, I haven’t been getting their colds, thankfully. It really does work!
Mothers of young children, you can rest assured concerning this virus since no children from zero to nine have died from it and most children have mild cases of this. It seems to mostly be killing the elderly and those with health problems. (The average of death from the virus is 80 years old.) I fit into the health problems category but I don’t fear it. I will do the best to keep myself healthy but trust the Lord with my life. Remember, this virus is NOTHING close to being like the Bubonic plague or polio, yet many are acting as if it were.

I am not a hand washer since I’m not afraid of germs. I have dry skin and I greatly dislike the feel of dry hands. Yes, I wash my hands after using the restroom but I have never thought about washing my hands after going shopping or out and about. I don’t use hand sanitizer and won’t since I have read that soap and water are much more effective. I will now wash my hands after going outside of my home to shop or anything else I do away from home. I will try to not touch my face if I haven’t washed my hands. I don’t eat junk food and have a lot of elderberry syrup ready to go. I take vitamin C and D every day. I do what I can and leave the rest in the Lord’s hands.

Lori Alexander #sexist #fundie thetransformedwife.com

Was the headship of a husband over his husband inbuilt in the Creation? Children know their fathers are the head of the family even if their wives don’t acknowledge this. How do I know? If a child has a godly father, the chances of the children growing up to be believers is extremely high. If a child has a godly mother only, the chances of the children growing up to be believers is low.

Children can see that their fathers are generally bigger, stronger, and with louder, deeper voices than their mothers. This is inbuilt from Creation. Yes, women will effectively deny all of this because they have been taught that authority by their husbands is oppression, yet they trot off to work each day to be under authority of their bosses, and they obey the speed limit since they are under the authority of the government, yet forget being under the authority of the one they chose to love all of their days.
Yes, the headship of husbands over their wives was inbuilt from Creation since the purpose for God creating Eve was to be a help meet to her husband. This is God-ordained and it is good. For those who want to argue that being a helpmeet didn’t mean that Adam was in authority, oh yes, it did. In 1 Timothy 2:13, was are told that one of the reasons that women are not to
usurp authority over men nor teach them was because Adam was created first. God made him first and had Adam name all of the animals.

Jennifer and Shelly #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com

Now, with her husband’s permission, however ; it doesn’t mean that a women can’t make money…But I feel like, none the less; she needs to allow for her husband, to be the MAIN provider. Her, incom, doesn’t need to usurp his incom. In, the dangerous world we live in today; we as women definitely need to be running back to men; and depending on men. I fully accept that.

It seems to me that most of the feminists that attack this blog site here, and on Twitter fall under the category of materialist feminism. Materialist feminism want to, among other things end gender roles, such as bearing children, abolish capitalism and rid America of our patriarchal society . They seek to make society an egalitarian society and advocate for free education especially for women. But like anything else it comes with a price. Gender is not a social construct. Gender has been ordained by God. Male and female He created them Genesis 5:2. God designed men and women to contribute to society differently. One not less important than the other. (Genesis 1:27) Women should embrace their femininity and God ordained roles. Not try to change it., in my opinion.

Rich Stacey #fundie #crackpot #conspiracy #sexist thetransformedwife.com

Feminists made up the rules and gullible women fell into the trap laid for them by Satan. Feminism is an occult movement and tied into witchcraft.

Women fell for the classic trap by going to school and worrying about a career rather than what women were made for: to be a helper (not slave) but a helper to the man. The more you help your husband be successful by supporting him when he comes home from work, taking care of the home, and the children, the more you work to take his stress away. Then the more he can focus on work to provide well for you and the children which is why men are designed to give their all to work, yet women often criticize the man for this. The more successful he becomes, the more it benefits you.

His success becomes your success, but women didn’t want that anymore and tried to change things. But they can’t change how God made humans, yet women thought and still think they can as they’re the ones that changed the dynamic between men and women because as usual women were “bored” and never satisfied.
The goddess feminism is an occult religion akin to sorcery or witchcraft that has been pushed onto the world and especially the US. It was part of their plans for revenge as they sought to destroy Christianity from the earth and as it once spread around the entire world and very few knew about the occult and other dark religions, they now sought to do the exact opposite, destroy Christianity from the earth and have the occult knowledge spread around the entire world.

Lori Alexander #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com

God is a patriarchal God. He set up husbands to be head of their wives. The wives are commanded to submit to and obey their husbands. Every great institution on this earth has one leader. Marriage is no different. Two heads create a monster with contention and disunity. God created men to be the ones in authority over their home for unity and peace. When wives obey God in this area, they will see the blessings of obedience to God. Everyone longs for peace. God and His ways are the only way to peace.

Since men are the leaders in their homes, is it always their fault when their marriages fall apart? No. Women, unfortunately, initiate up to 80 percent of the divorces these days. We are told in God’s Word that a wise woman builds up her home but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands. There’s a good reason for the verses in Proverbs warning men about quarreling and contentious wives.

Lori Alexander #fundie #wingnut thetransformedwife.com

Lori: In 1946, Dr. Benjamin Spock wrote a child raising book that changed parenting styles everywhere. I am going to take some quotes of his and give a response and try to keep it biblical and from what I have seen as a result of his teachings. The majority of Americans still believe that spanking, NOT physical abuse, is still acceptable, thankfully, since they have seen how effective it is in dealing with children’s bad behavior. “In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, you are not forbidden by law to use corporal punishment on your child as long as the form of punishment is reasonable and does not cause injury.”

Dr. Spock: “[Physical punishment] certainly plays a role in our acceptance of violence. If we are ever to turn toward a kindlier society and a safer world, a revulsion against the physical punishment of children would be a good place to start.” (p. 173)

Lori: This is in direct contradiction to what God tells us in His Word. “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.” (Proverbs 22:15) “Oh, but the rod isn’t a physical instrument,” people will tell me. Really? Please study all of the verses that mention the rod and you will see that this isn’t true.

How does God discipline us? Is He only positive and encouraging? No! “For whom the Lord loves he chastens, and scourges every son whom he receives” (Hebrews 12:6). Chasten means “to correct by punishment; to punish; to inflict pain of reclaiming an offender; as, to chasten a son with a rod.” Scourge means “to afflict for sins or faults, and with the purpose of correction.”

Who are we to think we know better than God? No, God doesn’t mean that we should physically abuse our children in any way. We use the rod of correction as a tool to make them obey and this teaches them self-discipline which benefits them for life. Many things in God’s Word have been taken to extremes and have caused harm for people. This is not God’s way. His way ends in peace and goodness not in evil and harm.

Dr. Spock: “My other reasons for advising against physical punishment are, in brief, that it teaches children that might makes right, that it encourages some children to be bullies, and most fundamentally, that to the degree that it results in good behavior it’s because of the fear of pain. I have a strong belief that the best reason for behaving well is that you like people, want to get along with them, want them to like you.” (p. 173)

Lori: On the contrary, pain and fear are great motivators for good as I shared in the above verse about how God disciplines us. My children were all spanked when they sinned against us or others and none of them were bullies or got into physical fights with others. They were kind to others, respected authority, and were a joy to raise. A one year old can’t comprehend “liking people” as much as they can quickly comprehend a small amount of pain that is swiftly administered for disobedience.

Dr. Spock: “I don’t think physical punishment is necessary or particularly effective.” (p. 215)

Lori: It sure has been for centuries before you wrote your book, Dr. Spock. Children were much better behaved than they are now. God’s ways will always trumps man’s ways.

Dr. Spock: “All schools should be friendly, creative places like the best I’ve seen. We should wean ourselves away from physical punishment.” (p. 33)

Lori: When I went to elementary school, the principal had a wooden paddle in his office and he used it! Children were well-behaved for the most part. There was nothing going on like there is in the schools today. A swat on the back side is a quick, effective method against disobedience. (I just did read that 19 states still allow corporal punishment in schools.)

Dr. Spock: “Recently I visited a small private school . . . with the idea of asking children . . . what advice to parents they’d like me to incorporate in the forthcoming revision of Baby and Child Care. In a thoughtful mood, the class was unanimous that parents should not hit their children. . . One child added that if you’re crying and your parent tells you to stop and then hits you when you don’t stop, it only makes you cry more.” (p. 229-233)

Lori: And asking children how they should be disciplined is a wise thing? If he asked adults how they would like their government to run, I’m sure some immature adults would say that they shouldn’t be put in prison for abusing drugs, driving drunk, and getting tickets for speeding and running red lights. Children do NOT know best how they should be raised. Why not interview parents of adult children who are now upstanding citizens and ask how they raised their children instead?

Dr. Spock: “I hope American parents can outgrow the conviction . . . that physical punishment is necessary to bring up well-behaved children. . . [T]here are parts of the world where it has never occurred to any adult to strike a child. I have known personally or professionally dozens of families in which the parents never lifted a hand–or otherwise punished or humiliated their children–and yet the children were ideally cooperative and polite. Children are eager to be ever more grown up and responsible.” (p. 13)

Lori: Yes, I am sure parents can raise good children without ever spanking them but it takes a lot more time, energy, and effort and to tell you the truth, I haven’t seen many who are successful at it. In order for spankings to work, a parent must be consistent, firm, and loving. It doesn’t work without these three key ingredients.

Dr. Spock: “There are several reasons to avoid physical punishment. It teaches children that the larger, stronger person has the power to get his way, whether or not he is in the right. Some spanked children then feel quite justified in beating up on smaller ones. The American tradition of spanking may be one reason there is much more violence in our country than in any other comparable nation.”

Lori: No, it teaches children that they must obey and respect the authority in their lives, whether they be parents, teachers, coaches, bosses, and government which is a good thing. My children never beat up on the smaller ones. If they did, they would have been spanked and would have never done it again!

Since your book has been practiced, Dr. Spock, violence has sky-rocketed in our nation. No, thank you. I much prefer God’s ways to your ways since God is our Creator who made us and knows the right and perfect way to parent children.

Chasten thy son while there is hope, and let not thy soul spare for his crying.
Proverbs 19:18

Lori Alexander #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com

There are many foolish women today. A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing (Proverbs 9:13). Foolish means “void of understanding or sound judgment; weak in intellect; unwise; silly; vain; acting without regard to the divine law and glory.” Universities don’t make women wise. They make them foolish; for the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God (1 Corinthians 3:19). What they learn in these places of “higher learning” is that there is no difference between men and women and they are steeped in the feminist agenda which is anti-God and anti-family. They teach them nothing that is good, honorable, pure, holy, or worthy.
God commands that parents raise their children in the nurture and the admonition of the Lord. Too many parents are careful about doing this while their children are young and then spend a ton of money on secular colleges and universities for their children to attend. Many children who go into these institutions with their faith intact come out without faith in God because “bad company corrupts good morals” as the Bible clearly states. Universities do everything they can to turn young women into foolish, clamorous, and simple women.
We are to be wise in what is good and innocent to that which is evil. It seems the majority of women today are knowledgeable to all forms of evil and practice them: fornication, adultery, immodesty, indiscretion, drunkenness, and lewdness. They despise what is good and love what is evil. They are willful and reckless, refusing to see the long-term consequences of their sin and instead indulging their flesh in any way they please. They entice married men, break up families, and easily abort their babies. They are foolish through and through and are reaping the rotten fruit that they are sowing.

Bill T #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com

Single women become handmaidens of Satan.

They hit 40 years old and realize they’ve ruined their lives by failing to find a husband and raise a family while they could.

The single women get angry and resentful. Their pride is hurt. They envy the younger women they see who are clever enough to find a husband.

Those 40+ single women start the turn to evil. Pride and envy always turn to hate eventually. By their mid-40s they actively HATE other women who have families. They actively hate children. But they are oh, so clever and careful, to keep their hatred hidden.

They start teaching young girls “you should focus on your career…don’t waste your time on men”.

They want to grow their evil, so they have company. Misery loves company.

That’s why smart mothers SHUN those single older women. Keep them away from your daughters. If you catch your old spinster aunt whispering Feminist lies in the ears of your daughter, grab your daughter and hustle her away to be with a less unsavory member of your family!

LOL. My mother was one of these feminists – who destroyed her marriage and my childhood in the process. I spent many years finding a woman who was NOT a feminist and teaching my daughters to NOT be feminists. To this day, when my mother visits her granddaughters, my wife must sit with them to ensure that grandma isn’t filling the daughter’s ears with poison. Oh what a world.

Kelly #fundie #sexist thetransformedwife.com


Yes, yes, yes. And yes again. I tell my girls that it takes strength for a good woman to say, “OK, we’ll do that your way, honey,” and, “I will,” and, “Yes, dear, right away,” and, “Of course I’ll do that for you.” A strong woman keeps her mouth shut and lets her actions speak without words. It takes a strong woman to say no to nagging, murmuring and complaining. A strong woman smiles when she is about to reach the boiling point. It takes a strong woman to sing with a joyful heart when there’s a whole lot she could mourn about. A strong woman feels real deep down inside that anywhere her good man is, that’s home.

My excellent husband is a strong man, and he deserves an excellent wife. I AM HIS STRONG WOMAN.

Lori Alexander #fundie thetransformedwife.com

“I used to think of birth control as a woman’s right, a gift from Big Pharma that exalted women to a place of equality with their male counterparts. That is, until I learned about the horrendous list of side effects — and what women were actually giving up as part of this exchange. When patients come to me with complaints of low libido, low or flat mood, weight gain, hair loss, and cloudy thinking, one of my first questions is, ‘Are you on the pill?’ And when they complain about premenstrual irritability, insomnia, tearfulness, bloating, and breast tenderness, requesting that I sanction a course of oral contraceptives combined with an antidepressant, I tell them there’s a better way.”

Michael Davis #sexist #fundie #psycho thetransformedwife.com

One question I would ask a woman who’s thinking about divorcing a man simply because they’ve “grown apart” is, “In what way is your life going to be improved by divorce? This is presumably the man who knows you better than any other person on the planet, has accepted you as you are, has raised children with you, has provided for you, has been faithful to you, and has given you a home. So what situation do you think you’re going into that will be better than what you have now?”


Well, I hope you have some job skills, because when you’ve taken that faithful man to the cleaners, you’re going to be trying to finance two households on the income that used to comfortably finance only one. Get ready to take a serious downgrade to your standard of living.
Also, your youth, fertility, and looks have diminished. The men your age who are single have probably been burned already by divorce and don’t have money, and if they’ve never married and DO have money, they’ve probably been playing the field this whole time and are only interested in dating much younger women.


Good luck. You’re probably going to wind up cashiering at Walmart and in a crappy apartment collecting cats until you get too old for that. Hopefully at that point, one of your kids will take you in. Your husband, on the other hand, will keep working and continue to put up with his situation just like he’s been doing for a few of decades now. Maybe, he’ll actually get some fishing or chess or poker in with some buddies. At least, it’ll be quiet after you’ve left.

KAK #fundie thetransformedwife.com

The hype around measles is scaremongering, pure and simple. I have read in the media that New York City is banning unvaccinated people from public places. I don’t know if that’s true or not (I live in New Zealand so only know what I read in the media and we all know that’s not always the truth) but if it is, that’s incredibly scary and a violation of our human rights!!

Statistically, the death rate of measles is 1 or 2 every 1000 cases of measles. That’s a pretty low death rate.

Statistically, the rate of hospitalisation due to complications is 10%. 8% of these make a full recovery, 2% have permanent damage (deafness, most often).

And the cause of death isn’t ‘measles’ but a complication of it – and it’s the vulnerable (old, very young, ill, immune-compromised etc.) who are at risk. Normal, strong, healthy kids are most likely to recover from measles quickly and easily, with a lifelong immunity. This immunity also passes to newborn babies through breastmilk, providing protection for at least 7 months (if baby is fully breastfed) – the length of time that baby is most vulnerable to measles. The same immunity is not passed on if the mother has been vaccinated against it.
Isn’t that incredible? The way God has designed our bodies so we mums can give our precious babies immunity when they’re at their most vulnerable?