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RE: White Man Working in Curry Factory Wins Race Discrimination Claim

A white worker in an Asian food factory who was told that he didn’t understand recipes because of his colour and that he should go and work for an English firm has won his claim of race discrimination.

The nerve these foreigners have coming to our indigenous lands and doing this? I want a type of British (Traditional ethnicities Manx, Irish, Scottish, English etc...) Bumiputra laws to be administered.

The Malaysian government implemented policies designed to favour bumiputras (including affirmative action in public education and in the public sector) to create opportunities, and to defuse interethnic tensions following the 13 May Incident in 1969.

I want this implemented for European natives only (Roma and the unmentionable Levantines are not to be included they are not European but are Asians (South & Western). Any intermarried Europeans (especially women) would lose the status and be classified as non-Native. This would be very similar to the policy of the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Territory near Montreal.

For reference;

I’d want these type of laws and regulations enforced because these outsiders think that this is their country, well that’s never going to fly with me. I have noticed that these South Asians (I call them all East Indians regardless of the nationality), have sensed weakness in European psyche and are trying to appropriate the gripes of the American negro (like West Indian Bantus have also done) have to secure resources and status.

They don’t belong anywhere near Europeans and the only relationship we should have is us being the master period. Even in their culture they know we are above them and that’s what breeds their envy.



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