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spoilerYou weren't allowed to go to
church, you weren't allowed to go
to the gym, you weren't allowed to
go to class, you weren't allowed
to be with your loved ones when
they died, you weren't allowed to
go to funerals--but under no
circumstances do we infringe on
sacred gay orgies

@Teamsaveamerica “HIV activists say calls for abstinence do not work.”

Yes fags are degenerates.

@Teamsaveamerica because the kikes have everyone so dumbed down that they're okay with shitskins and faggots doing whatever they want because if you say anything you're racist or homophobic. What's the difference between the faggots having faggot orgies and niggers burning cities down during the scamdemic? Nothing they were both allowed. I'm tired of hearing shitskins bitch about America. If they don't like this "evil racist" country then get the fuck out so white people can live in peace.

So, the Churches got CONDEMNED for 'Congregating' to Sing and listen to a Sermon - in a 'pandemic'.
The Rainbow Usurpers get a Free Pass and Encouragement for 'Congregating' to Stick Their Dicks Up Each Others Asses - in a 'pandemic'.

The Monkeypox Spreaders need 'MAN'Dates:
+ Keep 6 Dick-Lengths Away From Each Other - To protect Us All From Their Sickness.
+ Stick a Mask Up Their Ass - To Keep Other Dicks from Spreading Their Sickness.
+ Close ALL of Their Ass-Germ Places of Association - To FLATTEN THE CURVE - Until This 'Pandemic' Is Completely Non-Existent (Spoiler Alert - This Will Most Likely Be The NEW NORMAL)
+ And for the 'Minor Attracted' Monkeypox Spreaders - STOP FUCKING KIDS.

Violators Will Be Arrested, Ridiculed, Refused Medical Care, FIRED FROM EMPLOYMENT, Denied Government Assistance, Blocked from ALL Public Events, Denied Service at All Establishments that Serve the Public.

@Teamsaveamerica Don’t wanna offend the sodomite butt f$ckers 🤬🤬 #CovidIsAScam #MonkeyPoxIsAScam

@Teamsaveamerica with rigged elections for like 30 years, this is what the crooks want for us.



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