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Men shouldn't care whether their foid "loves" them or not

In the Bible, it is instructed for men to 'love' their wives- but nowhere does it say that foids should 'love' their husbands, only that they obey their husbands.

Men shouldn't care about "love" from their foids- only that their foids obey, respect, and are loyal to them. "Love" can be an added bonus, but it is non-essential.

i dont agree. coz if a foid loves you, she'd, like you mentioned, "obey, respect, and are loyal". so i do think it's important especially in modern day when foids can very easily ruin your life with false accusations if they are hostile to you. in the past, it's not as important, as social pressure forces the foid to obey you and be loyal, so its ok to not give a fuck about whether a foid loves you, if she misbehaves, you could just beat her up nowadays you go to jail even if she hits you and you defend yourself

Well, ideally of course, women wouldn't have all this power.



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