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On this 6th day of March 2022 the energetics from the Great Central Sun through Solaris is pulsing massive Higher Energetics into this realm to assist Gaia and Humanity in this Great Ascension Process. We had many waves flowing in appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes 38 hz, 2 pulses at 40 hz, another 38 hz creating an 11:11 Gateway Activation, 42 hz and a massive blast at 49 hz, 13 Code of the Divine Feminine Goddess Energy Rising. We had another big blast at 49 hz flowing in creating a 13:13 Portal of the Priestess of the New Lemuria rising up, waking up!

These are 5D Gamma Plasma Waves flooding Mother Earth’s Electromagnetic Field with New Earth upgraded Energies. We also had a White Solar Cross of the Christos manifesting on the Charts, this is symbolic of Christ Consciousness being transfigured into every living heart upon Pachamama. All Sentient Beings of Pure Light are being uplifted and ascended into the One True Ascension Timeline of Bliss, Peace and Prosperity for all.

Nothing is stopping this Great Awakening and Transformation into Heaven upon Earth. Now allow yourself to feel into and through these feelings, emotions and flow of the higher light as we continue our journey through the Zero Point and into the Pure Land of Enlightenment.

The Infinite Buddhas of Infinite Timelines and Dimensions join us in this Galactic Process of Transforming this Realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to become.

Keep the Faith in the Divine Plan of the Great Spirit and Surrender into the Power of this Now to release and let go what no longer serves life. Let us embody and integrate all the New energies of God’s Universal Cosmic Consciousness for this Ascension Manifestation and Quantum Leap into the Hu of Luminosity…A’Ho!



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