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( @Nature_and_Race )
I honestly don't see Tommy Robinson any differently than the self-proclaimed pro-Whites who are currently celebrating Western countries being inundated with brown muslims, just because those brown muslims happen to not like jews.

(Even though those same brown muslims are now killing White people, because they can't tell the difference between Whites and jews, and those same self-proclaimed pro-Whites are excusing these brown-on-White murders, because "Well, they meant to kill a jew...it's the thought that counts.)

This is what he really stands for. It's Remembrance Day, but he is more concerned about it being Diwali and takes the opportunity to shill for more non-White immigration!

( @Wanderers_Choice )
@Nature_and_Race he literally denigrates White British men for knowing demographic information and wanting Britain to be all White people, meaning he WANTS BROWN ARABS in Britain. I'm not going to agree with Tommy the kike Robinson.

( @Plastic_Banana )
First off "brown" is not a race. Putting the emphasis on skin tone is exactly what the "colorblind" crowd wants. Race is about shared ancestry and identity not skin tone. Secondly, who on the nationalist right wants non-white immigration into the West? We're simply saying Islamics are no worse than any other non-white immigrant group. The religion itself, if adopted by Whites, might actually solve some of the social problems liberalism has created. There's a massive difference between a White in the West converting to Islam vs importing third world immigrants who happen to be Islamic.



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