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Im often angry at women for their biological, endless masochism. Just as there is no group of women treated worse by their men, there is no group of women more willing to endlessly simp for a group of men who hates and rejects them at every turn just because they share melanin. I would love NOTHING more than to have real allyship with black women and girls. I have wasted a lot of time trying to get black women to see the bigger picture and the bigger problem with MEN, as a whole, and how race is redundant, because I used to feel for their struggles. However, black women refuse to give up their colorist, abusive, misogynist moids and continue to live in resentment and hatred of white women, Asian women, Latina women, basically any group of women that they perceive will "steal their men". I simultaneously feel sorry for them and have contempt for them because of this (similar to how I feel about all large groups of women).

Biological determinism forces groups of women to be cucks for their cultural group of moids, instead of caring about women regardless of race, class, national origin, sexuality, ect. I blame the misuse of intersectionality for making this worse. Women will never act as a single class, and one of the reasons is this tribalistic bullshit. It has long ago stopped being about helping certain groups of women with their unique struggles and started being about infighting regarding what group of women has it the worst, WHEN WE ARE ALL IN HELL.

This is another aspect of the Blackpill: The races of women are doomed to be pitted against each other, for the privilege of sucking up to our own skin color of moids. Black pickmes will continue to hate white women instead of ditching their stupid victim mentality scrotes. Female separatism continues to be a myth. All feminism, including intersectional feminism, is a fucking pipe dream because women will prioritize whatever aspect of "intersectionality" lets them align themselves with their stupid smegs.



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