Total Imbecile #sexist #psycho

[Based] It feels good being a guy, it feels good knowing I could break any females neck I see IRL if I wanted to

Apart from being incel that is

Ive been working out and eating proper for like a number of weeks now and I actually look so much better and healthier tbh

I dont actually wear hoodies when I go out anymore because I have some decent arms and can wear T shirts now

It also feels good knowing that any female I see out IRL I could just approach her and snap her neck with 0 effort, brutalize her ragdoll body before cutting it up and dumping it next to some remote highway in Nevada thanks to being desentizationmaxxed due to fapping to guro

@female lurkers how does it feel knowing that youre at my mercy like this? The only reason I wouldnt do it is because Im a nice guy



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