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RE: Migrants Chanting ‘Biden! Biden!’ Attempt to Rush Border


White patriots (in other words, true actual Americans) in Washington, DC right now, chanting "Trump Trump Trump". Meanwhile, nonwhite foreigners who are totally alien to the USA and all of its history, attempting to invade the USA at El Paso, chanting the name of their champion "Biden Biden Biden".

Is there any other country where noncitizens would do that? And on top of that, where they know that the leader of said country would welcome them as well? I doubt even the migrants to Europe do that.

I wish we could send all of those illegals to Israel.

I know a lot of people roll their eyes when this is mentioned(some Amreners don't agree even) but there's most likely Jewish involvement in it. Jews have been a privileged minority for years. Why couldn't they have just enjoyed that and stuck to making money and kept quiet? Why did they have to embark on this anti white agenda?

(Robert Kelly)
The Democrats were able to steal the election because they know that violence works. Had the election results been overturned, there would have been more murder, mayhem, arson and looting by BLM and Antifa. And the MSM would be supporting them every step of the way.

The MSM would paint them as fearless underdogs, fighting to preserve democracy and exercising their first amendment rights while the police and national guard are told to stand down. Any show of force against BLM and Antifa would be construed as racism and facism and Trump as a deranged, racist dictator.

They know that they have nothing to fear from the right. The right are always expected to tow the line. The right always have to be peaceful, law abiding and rule following while the left does whatever it wants when it suits their purpose.



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