Samuel Hathaway #racist

RE: Dekalb County Schools Launches ‘Black Lives Matter’ Week

“Our ancestors fought for justice, freedom, equality, and change, which benefits minorities and people of color. "

DeKalb County, GA is 54% black, 33% White, and 10% Hispanic. As a 64%-67% nonwhite county, they are not fighting on behalf of "minorities." they are fighting on behalf of the black majority with an eye to make sure that all other racial groups fall into line with their dictatorial mandates.

Blacks fight for "justice, freedom, equality and change" not in the name of "fairness" but always with an eye to treating their gains as conquered territory taken from the White man, and then guard it tenaciously with threats of violence and government action to keep newly won territory under their control.

DeKalb Co. whites are also partly responsible for allowing a Democratic takeover of Georgia. Republican margins in nearly every GA county track the percentage of the White population. Republicans should be consistently winning 30% of the vote in DeKalb but consistently win only 15% - 16%. If DeKalb white voters voted like other Whites around the state, that would mean 120,000 more votes for GOP candidates.



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