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During a discussion on the recent passage of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill – which prohibits public school teachers from organizing classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity – Mamet tells Levin, "If there's no community control of the schools, what we have is kids being not only indoctrinated, but groomed in a very real sense by people who are, whether they know it or not, sexual predators. Are they abusing the kids physically? No, I don't think so. But they're abusing them mentally.

"This has always been the problem with education, is that teachers are inclined, particularly men because men are predators, to pedophilia," Mamet added. This claim quickly made rounds on social media after Madeline Peltz of Media Matters for America shared a snippet of the segment on Twitter.

"And that's why there were strict community strictures about it, thank God," Mamet continues. "And this started to break down when the schools said, 'You know what? We have to teach the kids about sex. Why? Because what if they don't do it at home?'"



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