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[From "Media: After Abortion Ban, Bans on Gay Sex, Race-Mixing, and Contraception are Next!"]

Imagine a world where women can’t use sex as a weapon of power against men

The Guardian:

Following the bombshell release of a draft decision showing a majority of US supreme court justices may overturn Roe v Wade, legal experts believe other laws about individual autonomy may be in danger, including the right to access contraception[…]

Just so you know, this is the 14th Amendment
That’s what these lunatics have been claiming guarantees an absolute right to on-demand abortion. And the rest of the things listed[…]
All of these “rights” are based on the theory that the 14th Amendment gives the federal government a right to enforce “privacy” on the states

“If the draft becomes the real opinion, all of those issues – contraception, consensual sex and marriage rights – certainly are all at risk,” said Priscilla Smith, lecturer on law and reproductive justice at Yale Law School. “They have definitely left the door wide open”[…]

I doubt any state would have the nerve to ban interracial marriage. But you could, if removing abortion takes away the right of the federal government to push all of these “privacy”-based rights onto the states[…]
There might not even be states with the nerve to ban contraception

But there are definitely states that would want to ban gay marriage

And, in theory, you could see some kind of rolling roll-back of all of these “rights.” All you would need is one state legislature to go in and say “this isn’t privacy and we want to ban this”

The entire “14th privacy basically means anything” was a way to undermine the US Constitution and strip states of rights that were explicitly given to them by the Constitution itself

Without this 14th gimmick, you’re back to the 10th Amendment



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