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Christians can’t just ban people from mutilating the genitals of children.

This isn’t their country.

America is Satan World.

That isn’t even an exaggeration, really. It is literally the mainstream view in America that children should have their genitals mutilated if they become convinced they are trapped in the body of the opposite sex.

As we’ve said many a time, there is no explanation for what it means to be trapped in the body of the opposite sex. It is some kind of soul displacement. No one has explained who is responsible for putting these souls into the wrong bodies. It must be some kind of an entity doing this – a kind of trickster creature operating in the ethereal realms.

It seems the logical thing would be to find a way to fight this entity and get it to stop switching these souls around. That seems much cheaper and more practical than mutilating all these kids. But the mainstream medical professionals refuse to even describe the nature of this entity, let alone put together a plan to fight it.

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[From "Media: After Abortion Ban, Bans on Gay Sex, Race-Mixing, and Contraception are Next!"]

Imagine a world where women can’t use sex as a weapon of power against men

The Guardian:

Following the bombshell release of a draft decision showing a majority of US supreme court justices may overturn Roe v Wade, legal experts believe other laws about individual autonomy may be in danger, including the right to access contraception[…]

Just so you know, this is the 14th Amendment
That’s what these lunatics have been claiming guarantees an absolute right to on-demand abortion. And the rest of the things listed[…]
All of these “rights” are based on the theory that the 14th Amendment gives the federal government a right to enforce “privacy” on the states

“If the draft becomes the real opinion, all of those issues – contraception, consensual sex and marriage rights – certainly are all at risk,” said Priscilla Smith, lecturer on law and reproductive justice at Yale Law School. “They have definitely left the door wide open”[…]

I doubt any state would have the nerve to ban interracial marriage. But you could, if removing abortion takes away the right of the federal government to push all of these “privacy”-based rights onto the states[…]
There might not even be states with the nerve to ban contraception

But there are definitely states that would want to ban gay marriage

And, in theory, you could see some kind of rolling roll-back of all of these “rights.” All you would need is one state legislature to go in and say “this isn’t privacy and we want to ban this”

The entire “14th privacy basically means anything” was a way to undermine the US Constitution and strip states of rights that were explicitly given to them by the Constitution itself

Without this 14th gimmick, you’re back to the 10th Amendment

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[From "UK: Woman Fined £150 for Feeding Pigeons in the Park"]

This is how the law operates in Britain

In a sane country, this woman would’ve been dragged to the nearest tree and hanged for this atrocity, but in Britain she only gets a fine

I realize some of you might be shocked by this statement, and I would’ve been too at one point in my life, but that was before reading Dick Dastardly’s On the Pigeons and Their Lies, the first book that made me see the world as it truly is

Once you take the pigeonpill, and you realize that these creatures are not just minor nuisances that occasionally crap on your head, but the true incarnation of evil in this world, and the source of all mankind’s problems, there’s no turning back

There can be no mercy for their collaborators


A woman received an ‘extortionate’ £150 fine for throwing two small crusts from a sandwich to pigeons in Manchester city centre

Hazel Kirby’s punishment was triple the fine paid by Boris Johnson for breaching Covid lockdown restrictions at a Downing Street birthday party[…]

We are at fault for not slaying the pigeons

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I’ve mostly remained uninterested in the Disney child tranny drama, as it is just a total waste of time. As I wrote yesterday, every urban elementary school in the country is pushing an agenda to transform small children into trannies and other variants of homosexuals. This is well documented.

All the Florida bill does is make it so teachers can’t indoctrinate children into homosexuality until fourth grade. On the first day of fourth grade – when a child is 9 years old – teachers in Florida can pass out dildos and teach kids how to ram them into their anuses, and instruct them on the bravery of cutting their dicks off. On the first day of fourth grade, the teacher can tell the children that if they want to become trannies without their parents’ knowledge, the teacher can help them begin the process in secret.

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[From "France: Macron Wins by Massive Margin"]

I said repeatedly, from the beginning, that there was no way Le Pen was going to win this election. Frankly, I didn’t even bother covering it very much, as the only interesting part were the Zemmour memes

But frankly, I had no idea that the gap was going to be this big. I thought it would look more like an American election, with a slim margin of victory for Macron[…]
The left keeps talking about how democracy has failed because their candidates don’t get elected. I would like to assert that democracy has failed because my candidates do not get elected[…]
Both right and left agree that democracy has failed, so we need to accept this reality[…]
This never made any sense, this universal suffrage idea[…]
How can you possibly believe that peasant rabble has the collective intelligence to guide the ship of state?[…]
The Founding Fathers spoke at length of the problems of democracy before it was ever even implemented at scale

This is why it is so frustrating to hear Tucker Carlson ramble on about how “real democracy has never been tried”[…]The 2020 election was hoaxed, but this was primarily a result of extreme Jewish neurosis – it’s not like Trump was ever going to actually do anything[…]
I believe strongly that Trump came in in 2016 thinking he was going to do something. Then it became clear that the Congress would refuse to go along[…]
Trump was trying to repeal Obamacare, and John McCain came in[…]
Trump’s election was a quirk, a glitch in the system, but the system was able to easily deal with that[…]
I think the initial American Republic idea was fine. This had voting, but only stakeholders – determined by land-ownership – were able to vote[…]
I would also not be opposed to any kind of new system that established some kind of tyrannical autocracy based on vulgar populism. An autocracy can actually be held accountable

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[From "France: Jewropean Jewnion Accuses Marine Le Pen of Fraud"]

They did this exact same thing at the last presidential elections in France

That’s just a coincidence though, not a conspiracy or anything

The Guardian

The European Union’s anti-fraud body has accused Marine Le Pen and several of her party members – including her father – of embezzling about €620,000 while serving as members of the European parliament[…]

Nothing good can ever be allowed to happen

I talked to some French the other day, and they were like “oh well, it’s possible Le Pen could win”

But it isn’t actually possible. It is totally impossible

Just like it is totally impossible that Elon Musk is going to take over Twitter and bring back freedom of speech

There are things that the globalist Jews do not control, such as the eventual outcome of the conflict in the Ukraine. But of the things they do control – such as the French elections – they are not going to let something good happen just to be nice