Sunsoft Bass #sexist #conspiracy

When people who like playing videogames had to deal with those stereotypical church ladies, preachers and christian politicians that claim violent videogames are turning children into murderers and Pokémon is satanic, and wanted to censor or ban videogames, they were heroes for fighting against this moral panic, defending your hobby from puritans is an honor.

But when the moral guardians were replaced with those stereotypical feminists and social revenge warriors, claiming how videogames are sexist, racist and gamer culture is toxic, and also trying to censor or ban videogames, then you are supposed to shut up and accept it, if you fight back, you are soft, whiny, manbaby, neckbeard, chud, virgin, incel, and somehow they shifted the blame by saying it's you who are engaging in a moral panic, not them.



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