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I 100% understand where you are coming from!

We see something typed and just want to yell at that person "NO! THAT'S THE DEVIL AT WORK" but we can't. It has even become pretty much impossible to speak for someone in government you support or against someone who you think is just pure evil. When we think of SF we think pure freedom of speech. FINALLY I can say what I think! But you can't. Often I feel like I had more freedom of speech on twitter. Worse part is this isn't being created by SF rules nor mods.

One of the big things I noticed with this group stalking us, they often point out how anyone who tries to express an independent thought quickly gets swatted down. Some times rather viciously. They would have comment after comment saying about how we keep our own inline by not allowing decent via brutal group think. I must admit, they were often right.

Now add in the Christians concept of good vs evil, God vs satan and not allowed to say anything about that, we do look kinda bad. I could understand you asking yourself "Am I actually helping satan by staying silent about the teachings of Jesus and Heavenly Father? What is being supported here is evil. Why am I staying silent?"

On the other hand.. the synagogue of satan is the jew.

Honestly, I too have wrestled with this in the past couple of day. This is what I realized:

jew = satan
mooslime = satan demons

When you lay in the bed with the devil, sooner or later you're going to.. have sex.
Same thing with the devils demons

No one is going to make me stop speaking the truth about satan nor his demons. They may try to shut me up, but they won't succeed nor stop me.

I can belong to more than one website. The more ears I can get to hear my words, the more good work I am able to do for our Heavenly Father. That includes SF. Many people on SF need to hear our words.

So please rethink your decision. You are doing Gods work. You just don't see it yet.

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[Considering our birthrates are abysmal, what would you suggest to encourage a sustainable birthrate for your people?]

Just stop doing the things that are killing our birthrate. Did our ancestors need to be paid to breed? Has any race ever needed to be paid to breed? Has any plant or animal species ever needed to be paid to breed? We are already wallowing in more material wealth than most of our ancestors could have dreamed of. A good cultural slap back to common sense and natural habitat should do the trick.

1) Good education beginning in formative years in place of the poison they are getting now. More 19 and Counting, less Sex and City.
2) Ban miscegenation.
3) Separate church and state by not usurping Church’s role, ie end welfare.
4) Legally recognize husbands as head of home
5) Don’t allow women to pursue anything beyond a BS/BA degree, at least not while they are young. Just ban women from certain college majors as well.
6) Permit sex discrimination in the workplace.

Not one of these changes would cost a cent and some would save money or boost gdp. Number 6 would be good enough to make my #2 above about corporate taxes unnecessary. Companies would be willing to pay the tax if it freed them to discriminate against women in boardroom and a fortune in defending against sexual harassment accusations.

Well, the miscegenation ban might cost a buck or two depending on how it is enforced but it could be done quite cheap, maybe for a profit, if we step out of clownworld first. There are more things that could easily be done without spending a dime but they are likely to be met with resistance and I have to pick my battles.

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[Do you disagree that it's sometimes the logical action for an individual to take?]

I don't disagree that it's sometimes a logical action to take. This is more of a rule to ban those "Kill yourself" assholes, but then again they could be banned by some other rules for saying that. That being said, I think there's always at least a small degree of hope in your life. Take yourself for example. Most people would say you're living a failed life and in some sense you are. But at the same time you've made more difference than most morons who work 9-5 jobs do.

There's another reason. I'd much prefer people who wanna commit suicide going ER. It would kill some Western scum and give more attention to the site. Them offing themselves in empty rooms, not so much. But I can't put that into rules.