Maggie #sexist

yes, they [men] are the problem, and womyn will have to realise this. Men are the carriers of a Y chromosome that makes them the way they are, I believe. Womyn have to be strongly aware of the posibility of men’s inherent sadism and cruelty.

Heterosexuality is NOT natural for womyn. It has been forced, imposed and indoctrinated upon them via malestream customs and culture. Womyn who want to be free seriously have to consider overcoming heteropatriarchal conditioning.

As a radical lesbian separatist, I tend to advocate that womyn separate from men as much as they can (either to become lesbians or spinsters). Considering the world-wide gynocides that are currently happening in pornography, prostitution, harmful ‘beauty’ practices of femininity, trans-politics, reproductive technologies, and (in the non-Western world) FGM, abortion of baby girls, etc, it is clear that womyn are safer without men.

Trust me, you feel a lot better and freer when you practise everyday separatism and womyn-centrism (while keeping an eye on what’s happening in the world). image (Of course I recommend this as much as it can be possible within the life of each individual womyn)


Personally, I often imagine that, maybe one day we could all live in an all-female world and we could somehow find a way to reproduce via parthenogenesis (e.g. as in Nicola Griffith’s Lesbian Utopia novel Ammonite, or Katherine V. Forrest’s Daughters of a Coral Dawn, another Lesbian Utopia). There have been compelling scientific proofs that men, because of their Y chromosomes, are doomed to extinction anyway…



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