Robert Rundo #wingnut #racist

It was a week after Orthodox New Year in January 2021 and a group of Serb children in Kosovo was opening presents[…]
Faces of those who brought the presents were blurred, but the flags of the organisations they represented were not. One of them featured the brand name Will2Rise, part of an organisation led by a notorious US right-wing extremist called Robert Rundo
A few weeks later[…]Rundo had been deported to neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina
Yet for a year before, and a year since, Rundo has collaborated with a number of far-right groups who undertake ‘humanitarian’ activities such as delivering presents to Serb children in Serbia’s majority-Albanian former province while targeting migrants and refugees for intimidation and abuse and expressing anti-Roma and anti-Semitic sentiment[…]
Kosovo has become a case study for alt right believers in the Great Replacement[…]
Rundo first confirmed his presence in Belgrade in February 2020, in a blog that hailed “the awakening of the Serbian spirit”[…]
Writing about meeting members of a nationalist group called ‘Kormilo,’ which means Rudder, Rundo said he had been given the “uncensored history of Serbia and told about the revival of Chetnik sentiment”[…]
In February 2020, Rundo surfaced in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where he attended Day of Honour events in which far-right and neo-Nazi groups pay tribute to Nazi forces that broke out of Russian-encircled Budapest[…]
Reluctant to discuss his collaboration with the like of Serbon Shop, Rundo told BIRN he had done nothing wrong in Serbia. The Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia disagrees, accusing Rundo in 2020 of participating in the desecration of a grave of national heroes at Belgrade’s Kalemegdan fortress and posting photos as evidence



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