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[Serious] It is time for me to come out as a TransChad
      I believe in my heart of hearts that my current body does not correspond to what I truly am. I look myself in the mirror and what I see and what I feel do not match. I am not a manlet, rather I am 6’4 tall. I don’t have 15inch narrow clavicle, my clavicle is broad and domineering. My face isn’t hideous and full of genetic acne, I have a clean face with robust jawline and hunter eyes. I identify as Chad, I am a transChad. And you shouldn’t discriminate against me just because I wasn’t privileged enough to born as what I truly am, you disgusting cishet. And any Chad-desiring women too, should find me beautiful and treat me as who I truly am. If she desires a cisChad, she ought to desire a transChad like me too, otherwise it is bigotry and she should be punished under anti-discrimination laws, especially as a form of discrimination against disenfranchised gender and sexual minorities. After years of hard-fought progress, our society has finally advanced to a level that people can live as who they truly are and it just saddens me that some unsavoury women still discriminate against poor, impoverished transChad people like me. We must spread awareness on this issue, teach who transChads are to our kids early, so that they will not grow up to discriminate against all the disenfranchised minorities such us. Thanks for reading this kind stranger, it was painful for me to come in terms with who I truly am and I am slowly crawling out of my safe space. Your understanding means a lot to me! Here are some tags to help you spread our cause! Let us build a diverse and tolerant society together!

#TransChadLivesMatter #ILGBTQIA+LivesMatter #StopTheHate #TransChadRights #FuckATransChadTodayToFightTheHate



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