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[Serious] This entire country started trending downwards when abortion was legalized

The day it was decided that women had the right to legally kill someone that they themselves brought into the world, instead of accepting responsibility for their actions was the day we put them on a pedestal and the day it began going wrong. Fast forward 50 years and here we are.

Seriously, abortion is depraved, brutal and it's just downright fucking wrong. Take some serial killer going around killing babies, people would be mortified. Take planned parenthood, a literal BABY KILLING FACTORY and some people despise it (like me) but many people LOVE it. It's a pillar to the sinful shrine they've created. "But muh clump of cells" bullshit, Total utter bullshit. If it has a pulse it's a living thing. Even if it doesn't have a heart beat it's still a growing human unborn or not..

Trump just banned "post term abortions" jfl... Post. Term. Abortions. Yes that means exactly what it says it means, they were at one time killing babies after they were born.

It all rounds back to women being petulant children and for some reason not having any responsibility for their actions. If they cheat on their loving husbands/boyfriends with Chad its because they weren't getting enough attention. It's not their fault If they're literal psychopaths, mean, nasty, snobby, arrogant pieces of shit its either because their daddy was horrible to them growing up or because they're stressed with work or they're on their period jfl. They're never at fault for anything. Abortion is no different, for some odd reason the baby that they made shouldnt be their responsibility and that is when our problems really started. If you are pro abortion you are a cuck and a Simp. Plain and simple.



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