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JFL My last post asking fellow cels here about what's the most low inhib thing they've ever done, made me realize just how low inhib I am in general.

I talked about the time where I stealthily masturbated behind my oneitis while we were in a elevator alone together in 7th grade. And in 8th grade, I was staring at my next oneitis tits in the middle of class for an extended period of time. Then in high school, I broke a foids jaw after she spat a big glob of spit on my face, I did not get charged with assault cuz she didn't want to risk getting charged as well. In sophomore year, I grabbed a random freshman foids ass as a dare, she just looked at me with a raised eyebrow and continued walking. Last thing I'll mention is when I threw a tray full of steaming hot pasta on one of my high school bully's face and just started beating on his face as he's laying on the floor. Keep in mind this beaner is a football player and why I did what I did was because he was shit talking. This is where I actually got charged with assault as a juvenile. It later got dropped though.

Honestly I'm not sure if there's even any saving me at this point. Even if there was some magical therapist that could help me with my handful of mental health problems, its probably too late to be helped. Shockingly I'm not as low inhib as an adult compared to my teen years, I guess now because I realize its so easy for a grown man to ruin his life. Like even if he says the wrong thing, his life is immediately made a living hell.

”Only blacks can do this type of stuff and live to tell the tale”

if you are under 18, you have all the space to be low inhib you want. If you weren't before, it's now over for you

All this while I was under 18, and when my autism was on maximum overdrive. Now as an adult, especially as a adult MALE, you have to watch everything you do and make sure you don't offend anyone. Or in simpler terms, just castrate yourself. Unless you want to be another victim of cancel culture.



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