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[From "So You Want To Get Serious About Populism? A Primer on Interposition"]

So your precious election has been stolen[…]What now?

The good news is, solutions exist. The bad news– the same Republicans who did nothing last time will have to do something this time.[…]Let’s talk about “Interposition” and “Nullification,”
The Kentucky and Virginia resolutions were the responses of Thomas Jefferson, and his understooge Jim Madison to the 1798 Alien and Sedition Acts.
At this point we have to point out that Federal Courts hate this one weird trick, and so does the bureaucratic morass of the 20th century American “Cathedral.”[…]The most famous of these is the Cooper v. Aaron case in Arkansas where the state’s attempt to delay school integration was roundly thwarted by a court ruling and men with guns.
As much as we would like the near statistical impossibility of some of the 2020 election’s outcomes to constitute actual evidence of fraud, it isn’t.
If the Republican legislatures had any oranges at all, they would get together and say something like “well alright, have your fraudulent regime, but we aren’t paying for it!” The Democrats themselves are always banging on about the millions of Americans that are weighed down into the service-class by billions of dollars in federally secured student loans. What if the good people of, say, Alabama, said “we aren’t paying that!”
Now, unlike Lindsey Graham[…], Republican state legislators are usually actual conservatives. This is both a boon and a hazard, as “conservative” can also be properly applied to the Tory party[…]It means that most Republican state legislators are custodians of a state-wide racketeering operation.



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