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( unlearningtrans )
“TERF ideology”
Anyone else noticing they are now saying our pro-reality stance/advocating for child safeguarding is itself an “ideology”? Insane inversion going on as per usual. Someone dropped “TERF ideology” on me in the real world recently. Boggles the mind. I was like, say more. They went off about anti-trans hatred, the enormous genocide, white supremacy. We’re both white women but she of course has a loved one who is trans-identified so I understand why it riles her up.

( legopants )
It's because we say gender ideogy and they can't think of a single thing themselves.

( Calidris )
Literally all their arguments are either childish make belief, blatant lies, or "no, u". They are like apes who throw shit and just see what sticks. That's why I don't get women on our side trying to debunk their arguments. They don't even believe there arguments! They just use them as weapons to throw at us so that while we're trying to refute them, they dismantle our human rights. Case in point, they contradict themselves all the time.

Trans people are only now brave and safe enough to come out which is why TIFs increased 4000%. But there's also a trans genocide so trans people have to hide for safety.

A one year old knows he's a girl cause he's trying to make dresses out of onesies, because gender identity is stable and fixed. Gender fluids are totally valid because gender is always changing and very dynamic.


( Unicorn )
They are creating an artificial dichotomy: gender ideology and "TERF ideology." It's a logical fallacy.

It's kind of like teaching creationism alongside evolution. Religious people can then argue "they're both theories!!" even though the two theories are not of equal validity or sound argument.

( RadFemRiot )
Tell them how you relate.

All female born people are trans because we crave rights of the male born and we are persecuted for not being the male born default. We have biological functions the male born cannot though, which makes us inherently different. All female born are trans which is why afab want separate from Amab.

Use the terminology as they imply it to mean.

( Sameseks )
TERF ideology: someone who says the truth about sex and gender, but they're a woman



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