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( @Nature_and_Race )
The Romans were White, they didn't have any firearms, and they conquered two thirds of the known world.

You're an idiot.

@Puphy @Nature_and_Race Did you know, the British, with rifles, lost some battles to the Zulus? All they had was spears... the white man could have NEVER conquered any nation of color without the use of firearms! In other words.. you ain't shit without them.

( @Kvasir76 )
@Nature_and_Race This dude is braindead, even the Greeks, Celts, Danes, Norse conquered without firearms. Whites were and are legendary

( @handfulofdust )
@Nature_and_Race I wouldn't fight a chimp bare handed either but I wouldn't suddenly give them rights because of it.

( @TrueDepth )
@Nature_and_Race White men are actually even better at war, without firearms. White men dominated with swords, hammers, spears, axes, bows, etc.. as well. White men have better swinging and throwing arms, and dexterity.

( @Agigz911 )
@Nature_and_Race and it just so happens the Roman Empire fell because of Jewish manipulation, they infiltrated the Roman government, they convinced politicians to stab Caesar in the back

( @Eternalgoyim1488 )
@Nature_and_Race Africans didn't even discover the wheel, whites were setting up colonies on different continents and were being awesome as fuck, don't hate us cos you ain't us.

( @Bateburglestien )
What he means to say is that the blacks know they have every intention of overrunning white people when the state takes our right to self defense.

( @Running_Wild )

Where does this retard think the guns came from?

'Yea you wouldn't be shit without the technology that You invented'..

Also the Zulus greatly outnumbered the British and the British still curb-stomped them without taking hardly any losses..

Other small groups of European soldiers did the same thing to other African savages..



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